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Manual abstract: user guide BLAUPUNKT LAS VEGAS DVD35

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Radio / DVD / CD / MP3 / WMA Las Vegas DVD35 7 645 650 310 Operating instructions http://www. blaupunkt. com 2 1 3 4 5 11 10 9 8 7 6 12 11 1 35 34 6 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 10 3 RC 14 H 2 CONTROLS 1 Button to switch the device on/ off and operate the volume mute feature. DIS·ESC button to change the display contents, to close the menus without saving changes. Arrow buttons on the remote control and the device with identical function. MENU·OK button Short press: Calls up the menus for basic settings and confirms menu entries. [. . . ] The setting for contrast is located in "Quality" under "Contrast". Gamma correction You can adjust the gamma correction for playback on TFT displays. You can select among the settings "High", "Medium", "Low", and "None". The setting for gamma correction is located in "Quality" under "Gamma". The setting for colour is located in "Quality" under "Hue". Colour saturation (for NTSC only) You can adjust the colour saturation in increments from -9 to +9. The setting for colour saturation is located in "Quality" under "Saturation". Luminance (for NTSC only) You can select the settings "0T" and "1T" for luminance. The setting for luminance is located in "Quality" under "Luma Delay". ESPAÑOL DANSK PORTUGUÊS DEUTSCH SVENSKA NEDERLANDS ITALIANO FRANÇAIS ENGLISH Video Setup - image settings In the Video Setup, you can perform different settings for an optimal image playback on the connected display. Adjusting picture sharpness To adjust the picture sharpness, you can select among the settings "High", "Medium" and "Low". The setting for picture sharpness is located in "Quality" under "Sharpness". 99 DVD OPERATION Preferences - preferred settings Under "Preferences", you can set the television standard of the external display, switch PBC on and off, set the preferred playback language, select the preferred language for subtitles, set the parental control, set the region, and reset the device. To call up the preferred settings, press the button O on the remote control. Select "Preferences Page" using the buttons 6 of the remote control or the arrow buttons on the device. Setting the colour television standard of the TV device For a perfect image quality, set the colour television standard on the device which is used by the attached monitor. "PAL" is the standard used in Europe, "NTSC" is the standard for the American/Asiatic region. If you select the "MULTI" setting, the standard of the DVD is used for the output. The setting of the television standard is performed under the "TV TYPE" menu item in the menu "Preferences Page". Note: The television standard can also be switched using the remote control. Press the TV-Mode button E repeatedly until the desired television standard is displayed. Switching playback control on/off If the Playback Control (PBC) function is switched off, the titles and chapters of a VCD/SVCD are played in ascending order. With PBC on, the VCD/ SVCD is played with the predefined menus and in logical order. Selecting the playback language You can preselect the preferred playback language of the DVD. [. . . ] The amplifiers must be connected as described in the installation instructions. Switching the dual zone on/off If you connected the RC 13 H remote control (available as optional equipment) via an adapter, the rear loudspeakers are switched off. You can listen to the audio playback from the DVD/CD mode via the headphone outputs of the RC 13 H while the driver listens to a different source via the front loudspeakers. Press the or button 6 repeatedly until "VARIOUS MENU" appears on the display. Press the or button 6 repeatedly until "DUAL ZONE ON" or "DUAL ZONE OFF" appears on the display. [. . . ]


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