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[. . . ] Use only a dry or slightly moistened cloth for cleaning the car sound system. Front view of the car sound system ON/OFF button CD slot Display Front AUX IN socket Notes concerning MP3/WMA files and data carriers Note the following information when preparing an MP3/WMA data carrier: · Naming of tracks and directories: ­ Max. the file extension ". mp3" or ". wma" (if more characters are used, the number of tracks and folders that are recognisable by the car sound system is reduced) ­ No special characters · CD formats: Audio CD (CDDA), CD-R/RW, Ø: 12 cm · CD data formats: ISO 9669 Level 1 and 2, Joliet · CD burn speed: Max. 16x (recommended) · USB devices1: USB sticks only (no USB hard disks) · USB format/file system1: Mass storage device/FAT16, FAT32 · File extension of audio files: ­ . MP3 for MP3 files ­ . WMA for WMA files · WMA files only without Digital Rights Management (DRM) and created with Windows Media Player version 8 or later · MP3 ID3 tags: Version 1 and 2 · Bit rate for creating audio files: ­ MP3: 32 to 320 kbps ­ WMA: 32 to 192 kbps · Max. number of tracks (USB1): 27, 000 (GB) 12/09 Radio CD MP3 WMA USB Disposal notes Do not dispose of your old unit in the household trash! [. . . ] Note When you release the / button the next available station is searched for automatically. You may stop station seek tuning at the current frequency by briefly pressing the button. · Press the DISP button briefly. · · · Function Change frequency stepwise. Change frequency continuously. · · Mute the device or return to the previous volume level. Select audio source FM1/FM21/FMT1/MW1/LW1/AM1/AMT1/CD2/USB2/FRONT AUX2. Select display brightness for day or night. 3 Cancel a traffic announcement. 4 Insert CD. Noncircular contoured CDs (shape CDs) and CDs with a diameter of 8 cm (mini CDs) must not be used. Scan stored stations of the current memory bank. 2 Cancel scanning at current station. Select display mode (display of frequency or, if available, station name). · · Connect external audio source. In case of an accident, the protruding connector in the front AUX-IN socket may cause injuries. The use of straight plugs or adapters leads to an increased risk of injury. After setting and confirming the forth digit, the current setting "CODE ON" or "CODE OFF" is displayed. Note If you enter an incorrect code number, "ERR CODE" is briefly displayed. Then "XXXX" is displayed again and you can repeat the entry. In order to activate or deactivate the code query: · Turn the ON/OFF button. For each digit of the new code number: · Turn the ON/OFF button to set the current digit. Note When entering the code, you may return to a previous digit by pressing the button. After setting and confirming the forth digit, "PRESS UP TO CONFIRM" is displayed. You return to the VARIOUS menu, menu item "CODE SET" is selected. Entering the code number after a voltage interruption If the code query is activated, the four-digit code number must be re-entered every time the device is disconnected from the vehicle system voltage (e. g. If the code number is required, the display first shows "CODE", followed by "XXXX", and you can enter the code. Note If the code query is deactivated, "CODE OFF" is briefly displayed. Installation instructions Safety instructions When carrying out installation work and making connections please observe the following safety instructions: Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery! [. . . ] Selecting the 12 or 24-hour time. + + + + - 4x4 7. 12V Technical data Voltage supply Operating voltage: Current consumption In operation: 10 sec. after switch-off : Amplifier Output power: Tuner Wavebands in Europe/Thailand: 10. 5 - 14. 4 V 10 A < 3. 5 mA USB* 4 x 18 watts sine at 14. 4 V at 4 ohms. power FM: AM (MW): LW (Europe only): FM: AM (MW): FM: AM (MW): 30 - 15, 000 Hz 20 - 20, 000 Hz 2V Pin assignment 300 mV / 6 k 87. 5 - 108 MHz 531 - 1, 602 kHz 153 - 279 kHz 87. 7 - 107. 9 MHz 530 - 1, 710 kHz 87. 5 - 107. 9 MHz 530 - 1, 710 kHz 1. 2. *only Miami 100 USB 57 13 68 24 TAVOL 1. . . 20. . . 50 BEEP ON/OFF CLOCK PERCLK ON/OFF ­ ­ ­ 12V H MODE 12/24 SET HH:MM VARIOUS DEMO ON/OFF VERSION ­ ­ ­ P. . . [. . . ]


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