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[. . . ] BLAUPUNKT SPECIFICATIONS - PA2150 AND PA2200, 2/1 CHANNEL AMPLIFIER Below is a basic trouble-shooting guide to assist in seeking out and correcting a problem that may occur in the installation process. Although lengthy, this chart cannot address every single problem possible but mainly the ones most common. PARAMETER/FEATURE Channels Size ( W x H x D) Weight (with housing) Crimping style speaker terminals?Maximum terminal wire size Subsonic filter Separate front/rear or left/right gains?Fuse Type Speaker short, short to +12V, and short to ground protection? [. . . ] Such high voltages are rarely found from car audio head units so this is a very comfortable value. But, should the use need to drive the amp directly from speaker level leads, use the supplied "High Level Adapter" to connect to the amp. LINE LEVEL LOOP-THRU - These connectors are simply hard wired to the other inputs and do not loop-through the crossovers in any way. If you wish to "daisy-chain" multiple amps simply connect them to the "loop-thru" leads. ­6 ­ Power Terminal (+12V) Connect directly to the vehicle battery (+) terminal with 10 gage wire (minimum) GND +12V NOT SUPPLIED To Battery Terminal 10 Gage Wire Fuse or Circuit Breaker Battery Terminal Adapter Ground Terminal Connect to a good chassis ground. The ground connection should be clean, unpainted metal to provide a good electrical connection. GND +12V Sheet Metal Screw Ring Connector Drill 1/8" hole in chassis sheet metal 10 Gage Wire Remote Terminal Connect the radio power antenna lead from the receiver to the amplifier terminal. This turns the amplifier on whenever the receiver is turned on. 18-20 Gage Wire To Receiver Power Antenna Lead Butt Connector (not supplied) CONNECTIONS & CONTROLS POWER ON LED CROSSOVER MODE: LP - FULLRANGE - HP (Crossover is either in Low-pass, Full-range, or High-pass mode) HIGH-PASS FREQUENCY: "50 - 250Hz" (Frequencies above this setting will be passed through) LOW-PASS FREQUENCY: "50 -250Hz" (Frequencies below this setting will be passed through) GAIN CONTROL : "0. 3 - 6. 0 Vrms" (this is the input voltage necessary at this position for full output power) BASS BOOST: "ON/OFF" (+10dB when ON) "Floating Ground" Radio Outputs (LOOP-THRU) INPUTS R (BR) L POWER ON LED - This light will turn on when the amplifier receives a +12V turn on signal from the radio. If the amp is properly wired, but the light does not turn on, there may be a short circuit condition that the amp is protecting itself from. BASS BOOST - This control provides additional bass in the 45Hz area to give a stronger low end "feel" to the bass. Once switched on, this will also allow the amp to be driven into distortion sooner so the user must be aware. GAIN CONTROL - The gain control allows for a range of 0. 3-6Volts input. This means that if the setting is a 0. 3V, it only takes 0. 3Volts to drive the amp to full output. (Such a low setting allows for the amp to be easily overdriven and more susceptible to noise so a mid-position is highly recommended for most radios. ) LOW-PASS FREQUENCY - If the mode selector is in the "LP" position the amplifier passes only low frequency sound. HIGH-PASS FREQUENCY - If the mode selector is in the "HP" position the amplifier passes only mid and high frequency sound. CROSSOVER MODE - Depending upon the system design chosen, you need to set the amplifier in the proper "mode" be it LP, Fullrange, or HP. The "full-range" setting simply allows for the amp to pass all audio frequencies without any kind of crossover filter application. (This is common with 6x9" fullrange coaxial speakers for example. ) L (+) L (­) white white/black black gray gray/black "HLA1" High Level Adaptor NOT USED R (+) R (­) "Common Ground" Radio Outputs (LOOP-THRU) INPUTS R (BR) L L (+) NOT USED white white/black black gray/black gray "HLA1" High Level Adaptor Radio chassis or common speaker ground NOT USED R (+) (L) (GND) (R) REMOTE GAIN CIRCUITRY REMOTE GAIN CIRCUITRY Should the installer wish to create their own remote gain control, or attempt to daisy chain the gains of multiple amps, refer to the adjacent circuit design for proper connection. This should ONLY be attempted by a very highly qualified installation technician. If improperly done DAMAGE WILL OCCUR to the amplifier and WILL NOT be covered by warranty!(We put this information in this manual because of the interest of our highly skilled Blaupunkt installers - the average consumer should NOT attempt this on their own!) You should ONLY loop the SIGNAL pin to other amps - DO NOT carry the ground and +12V pin voltages to adjacent amps. ­7 ­ "Ganged" 20k/ch Resistor pack SYSTEM CONFIGURATION #1 Full-Range Full-Range or High-Pass Connect Speakers as shown. For best sound, always make sure to connect + to + and - to - X-OVER MODE HP LP FULL Full-Range Full-Range or High-Pass 2 Channel Full-range -or- High-Pass Mode This installation is most popular for listeners who want to simply increase the power to the rear speakers in a car. [. . . ] This warranty is limited to the original consumer purchaser and is not transferable. Repaired and replacement car audio products shall assume the identity of the original for purpose of this warranty and this warranty shall not be extended with respect to such products. To obtain performance of this warranty, contact the nearest Blaupunkt authorized repair facility or our nearest office. A dated purchase receipt or other proof that the product is within the warranty period will be required in order to honor your claim. [. . . ]


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