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Manual abstract: user guide BLAUPUNKT SANTA CRUZ MP36

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Radio CD MP3 WMA Santa Cruz MP36 Valencia MP36 7 646 070 310 7 646 080 310 Operating instructions http://www. blaupunkt. com 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Controls 1 On/Offbutton Shortpress:Mutesthedevice. 2 buttontoopentheflip-releasecontrolpanel. 8 DISPL button Shortpress:Brieflydisplaysalternative displaycontents(e. g. time). : Arrowbuttons ; Buttons1 - 6 < button (Eject) for removing a CD fromthedevice. 3 Volumecontrol 4 SOURCEbuttontoswitchsourcesbetween radio, CD, CD changer (if connected)andAUX. 6 BND·TSbutton Short press: Selects the FM memory banksandtheMWandLWwavebands. [. . . ] · if you leave the reception area of a traffic information station that the systemistunedintowhilelisteningto aCDoraCDinthechanger, andthe subsequentautomaticsearchcannot findanewtrafficinformationstation. · if you retune the radio from a traffic information station to a station that does not broadcast traffic information. If you hear the warning beep, you can either switch off traffic information priority ortuneintoastationthatbroadcaststraffic information. 45 DANSK PORTUGUÊS ESPAÑOL SVENSKA NEDERLANDS PresstheTRA·RDSbutton7. Thepriorityfortrafficannouncementsisactivatedifthedisplayshowsthetrafficjam symbol. ITALIANO Switching traffic information priority on/off FRANÇAIS YourdeviceisequippedwithanRDS-EON receiver. EON (Enhanced Other Network) ensuresthatwheneveratrafficannouncement(TA)isbroadcast, thesystemswitches automatically from a station that does notprovidetrafficreportstotheappropriate traffic information station within the broadcastingnetworkthatdoes. Oncethetrafficreporthasbeenplayed, the systemwillswitchbacktotheprogramme thatyouwerelisteningtobefore. ENGLISH DEUTSCH Optimising radio reception Traffic information Traffic information CD mode Setting the volume for traffic announcements PresstheMENUbutton9. Press the or button : repeatedlyuntil"TAVOLUME"appearsonthe display. Tohelpyouadjustthesettingmoreeasily, thedevicewillincreaseordecreasethevolumeasyoumakeyourchanges. Notes: · Usingthevolumecontrol3, youcan alsoadjustthevolumeduringatrafficannouncementforthedurationof thatannouncement. · You can adjust the sound settings and volume distribution settings for traffic announcements. For further information, pleasereadthe"Sound" chapter. CD mode YoucanusethisdevicetoplaystandardaudioCDs, CD-RsandCD-RWswithadiameterof12cm. Toavoidproblemswhenplaying self-burned CDs, you should not burn CDsatspeedsgreaterthan16-speed. CDsingleswithadiameterof8cmand noncircularcontouredCDs(shapeCDs) mustnotbeused. WeacceptnoresponsibilityforanydamagetotheCDdrivethatmayoccurasa resultoftheuseofunsuitableCDs. BesidesbeingabletoplayaudioCDsonthis device, you can also play CDs containing MP3/WMAmusicfiles. Forfurtherinformation, pleasereadthechapterentitled"MP3/ WMAmode". Risk of severe damage Switching to CD mode IfthereisnoCDinsertedinthedrive, pressthe button2. Gently insert the CD with its printed sideuppermostintothedriveuntilyou feelsomeresistance. 46 CD mode Random track play (MIX) Pressthe5 MIXbutton;. "MIXCD"appearsbrieflyonthedisplayand theMIXsymbolisdisplayed. Thenextrandomlyselectedtrackwillthenbeplayed. "MIX OFF" appears briefly on the display andtheMIXsymboldisappears. Selecting tracks Press one of the arrow buttons : to selectthenextorprevioustrack. Ifyoupressthe or button:once, the playerwillplaythecurrenttrackagainfrom thebeginning. 47 DANSK PORTUGUÊS To quickly select tracks backwards or forwards, press and hold down the or button : until fast track selection backwards/forwardsbegins. Cancelling Scan and continuing listening to a track Toendthescanningprocess, presstheMENUbutton9. Thecurrentlyscannedtrackwillthencontinuetobeplayednormally. ESPAÑOL Fast track selection Note: You can set the scanning time. For further information, please read the section entitled "Setting the scanning time"inthe"Radiomode"chapter. SVENSKA Youcanscan(brieflyplay)allthetrackson theCD. Thenexttrackwillthenbescanned. NEDERLANDS Note: If the vehicle ignition was switched offpriortoinsertingtheCD, youmust switchthedeviceonfirstwiththebutton1tostarttheplayback. [. . . ] Mixing a colour for the display illumination Tocustomisethedisplayilluminationtosuit yourtastesyoucanmixacolouryourselfusingtheprimarycoloursredandgreen. 58 Display 59 DANSK PORTUGUÊS Selecting a display illumination during a colour scan PresstheMENUbutton9. Press the or button : repeatedlyuntil"COLSCAN"appearsonthe display. If you want to adopt the currently set colour, presstheMENUbutton9once. ESPAÑOL SVENSKA NEDERLANDS Pressthe or :repeatedlyuntil "DISPCOL"appearsonthedisplay. Themenuformixingyourowncolourisdisplayed. "R"and"G"aredisplayedwiththe currentvalues. The"R"settingflashes. [. . . ]


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