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Manual abstract: user guide BLAUPUNKT SEVILLA MP36

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Radio CD MP3 WMA Alicante MP36 Sevilla MP36 7 646 460 310 7 646 450 310 Operating instructions http://www. blaupunkt. com 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Controls 1 On/Offbutton Shortpress:Mutesthedevice. 2 buttontoopentheflip-releasecontrolpanel. 8 DISPL button Shortpress:Brieflydisplaysalternative displaycontents(e. g. time). : Arrowbuttons ; Buttons1 - 6 < button (Eject) for removing a CD fromthedevice. ENGLISH 3 Volumecontrol 4 SOURCEbuttontoswitchsourcesbetween radio, CD, CD changer (if connected)andAUX. 5 AUDIO button to adjust bass, treble, middle, sub-out, balanceandfader. [. . . ] BesidesbeingabletoplayaudioCDsonthis device, you can also play CDs containing MP3/WMAmusicfiles. Forfurtherinformation, pleasereadthechapterentitled"MP3/ WMAmode". Risk of severe damage Gently close the control panel whilst exerting a little pressure until you feel itclickintoplace. Note: If the vehicle ignition was switched offpriortoinsertingtheCD, youmust switchthedeviceonfirstwiththebutton1tostarttheplayback. IfaCDisalreadyinsertedinthedrive, presstheSOURCEbutton4repeatedlyuntil"CD"appearsonthedisplay. Playbackbeginsfromthepointatwhichit waslastinterrupted. Selecting tracks Press one of the arrow buttons : to selectthenextorprevioustrack. Ifyoupressthe or button:once, the playerwillplaythecurrenttrackagainfrom thebeginning. Fast track selection To quickly select tracks backwards or forwards, pressandholddownthe or button :untilfasttrackselectionbackwards/ forwardsbegins. Switching to CD mode IfthereisnoCDinsertedinthedrive, pressthe button2. Gently insert the CD with its printed sideuppermostintothedriveuntilyou feelsomeresistance. 50 Fast searching (audible) Tofastsearchbackwardsorforwards, pressandholddownthe or button :untilfastsearchingbackwards/forwardsbegins. "MIXCD"appearsbrieflyonthedisplayand theMIXsymbolisdisplayed. Thenextrandomlyselectedtrackwillthenbeplayed. Random track play (MIX) CD mode Cancelling MIX Pressthe5 MIXbutton;again. "MIX OFF" appears briefly on the display andtheMIXsymboldisappears. Interrupting playback (PAUSE) Pressthe3 button;. Playbackiscontinued. ENGLISH Scanning tracks (SCAN) Youcanscan(brieflyplay)allthetrackson theCD. For further information, please read the section entitled "Setting the scanning time"inthe"Radiomode"chapter. Cancelling Scan and continuing listening to a track Toendthescanningprocess, presstheMENUbutton9. Thecurrentlyscannedtrackwillthencontinuetobeplayednormally. Configuring the display You can select from two display types for CDmode: · Tracknumberandtime · Tracknumberandplayingtime To switch the display, press and hold downtheDISPL button8forlongerthantwoseconds. Traffic announcements in CD mode Ifyouwishtoreceivetrafficannouncements inCDmode, presstheTRA·RDSbutton7. Thepriorityfortrafficannouncementsisactivatedifthedisplayshowsthetrafficjam symbol. Forfurtherdetails, pleasereadthe chapterentitled"Trafficinformation". Repeating tracks (REPEAT) Ifyouwanttorepeatatrack, pressthe4 RPTbutton;. "RPTTRCK"appearsbrieflyonthedisplay andtheRPTsymbolisdisplayed. Thetrack is repeated continuously until you deactivateRPT. Cancelling repeat Ifyouwanttocanceltherepeatfunction, pressthe4 RPTbutton;again. "RPT OFF" appears briefly on the display and the RPT symbol disappears. 51 CD mode MP3/WMA mode Notes: · IfaCDisejected, thedrivewillautomatically draw it back in again after 10seconds. · YoucanalsoejectCDswhilstthedeviceisswitchedofforwhilstanother audiosourceisactivated. MP3/WMA mode Youcanalsousethiscarsoundsystemto playCD-RsandCD-RWsthatcontainMP3 music files. Notes: · WMA files with Digital Rights Management(DRM)fromonlinemusicshopscannotbeplayedwiththis device. · WMA files can only be played back safely if they were created with WindowsMedia-Playerversion8. Preparing an MP3 CD The various combinations of CD burners, CD burning software and CD blanks may lead to problems arising with the device's abilitytoplaycertainCDs. IfproblemsoccurwithyourownburnedCDs, youshould tryanotherbrandofCDblankorchooseanothercolourofCDblank. The format of the CD must be ISO 9660 Level1/Level2orJoliet. Otherformatscannotbeplayedreliably. [. . . ] Press the or button : to move the selection mark behind the other colours. 63 ENGLISH Display External audio sources Whenyouhavefinishedmakingyourchanges, presstheMENUbuttontwice9. Selecting a display illumination during a colour scan PresstheMENUbutton9. Press the or button : repeatedlyuntil"COLSCAN"appearsonthe display. [. . . ]


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