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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Com Operating and installation instructions Controls 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 1 button Unlock the detachable control panel Short press: Call up/close menu Long press: Start scan function 8 button (Eject) Eject a CD 2 MENU button 9 Microphone (Heidelberg 220 BT only) : USB socket ; Front AUX-IN socket < 3 On/Off button Short press: Switch on car sound system In operation: Mute car sound system (Mute) Long press: Switch off car sound system 4 Volume control button (Heidelberg 220 BT only) Short press: Answering a call, speed dial Long press: Activate voice dialing button (Heidelberg 220 BT only) Ending/rejecting a phone call Keys 1 - 7 (Stuttgart 120) = In the menu: Change settings Fast-Browse mode: Select folder and track (Heidelberg 220 BT only) 5 CD tray 6 Display 7 > Keys 1 - 5 (Heidelberg 220 BT) ?Infrared receiver @ SRC button / button In the menu: Select menu item Radio mode: Start seek tuning MP3/WMA mode: Change to next/previous folder / button In the menu: Change menu level Radio mode: Adjust the stations Other operating modes: Track selection Select memory bank or audio source A DIS button Switch display 2 Contents Safety notes . 25 3 Safety notes Safety notes The car sound system was manufactured according to the state of the art and established safety guidelines. Even so, dangers may occur if you do not observe the safety notes in these instructions. [. . . ] If you connect a new device with the car sound system, the connection to a currently connected device may automatically be interrupted. However, the car sound system leaves up to 5 different Bluetooth® devices paired, and you can quickly and easily connect any of these devices with the car sound system again. Fast browse mode Volume control 4 7 7 Fast browsing is switched on or off in the user menu (see the chapter "User settings", section "Making settings in the "VARIOUS" menu", menu item "BROWSE"). Note: With activated fast browsing, you cannot change the volume in browse mode. To do so, first exit the browse mode by pressing the button 1 LIST > or starting the track playback. The Bluetooth® menu In the Bluetooth® menu, you find all the functions for pairing, connecting and managing Bluetooth® devices. Calling the Bluetooth® menu u Briefly press the MENU button 2 to open the user menu. U Press the / button 7 repeatedly until the "BLUETOOTH" menu item is selected. 13 Bluetooth® u Press the button 7 to open the Bluetooth® menu. U Press the / button 7 repeatedly until the desired menu item is selected. 30 seconds after the last button activation and you are returned to the display of the current audio source. ⷠIn the menu, you can press the button 7 in each case to return to the higher menu level. Re-establishing the connection to the last connected device), the functions of the Bluetooth® menu are blocked. If you attempt to open the Bluetooth® menu during this time, "LINK BUSY" briefly appears on the display. If you want to cancel the Bluetooth® process and open the Bluebutton =. Tooth® menu, press the The display shows "PAIRING" and the Bluetooth® symbol is flashing. The car sound system can now be recognised by a Bluetooth® cell phone for approx. U Search the car sound system from your cell phone (Bluetooth® name: "BLAUPUNKT"). As soon as the car sound system is located by the cell phone and is to be connected, the display briefly shows "ENTER PIN" and the currently stored PIN (by default "1234"). The display may show "PAIRED", followed by "CONNECTED", as soon as the car sound system and the cell phone are paired and connected. notes: · If no connection can be established, the display briefly shows "CONNECT FAILED". ⷠIf the telephone connected last cannot be located after switching on the car sound system, the car sound system attempts to connect one of the other paired telephones. [. . . ] Approximately 16 seconds after the button is pressed last, the time is displayed again. U Briefly press the MENU button 2 to confirm the time entered and to exit the user menu. Factory settings Important factory settings in the user menu: Menu item AREA FM1 / FM2 / FMT MW* AM** / AMT** RDS REGIONAL* TRAFFIC* SEEK SENS PTY ON VOLUME TA VOLUME* BEEP BROWSE SCAN SCROLL HOUR MODE CLOCK SET Factory setting EUROPE ON OFF OFF ON OFF OFF HI6 OFF 20 20 ON ON 10 SEC 1X 24 00:00 Making settings in the "VARIOUS" menu SCAN TIME Setting the scan time in 5-second increments. BROWSE Switching fast track selection in browse mode on or off using the volume control 4. [. . . ]


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