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[. . . ] Overview of Radio Controls (7) (8) (9) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) 2 button Removes the CD from the radio. CD tray Display OK button In radio/CD/MP3/USB/iPod mode: Starts/cancels Scan function. DIS-ESC button Exits the menu and changes to the display of the (10) audio source, selects display modes (e. g. Arrow keys In menus and radio mode: Selects submenus and menu items/functions. [. . . ] After entering the complete name, press the OK button (4) to store the name entered. Notes: To quit the text input without changing the welcome text, press the DIS-ESC button (6). by a traffic announcement, the previous changes are not stored. The volume of the external audio source and the volume of the audio source of the radio are adjusted separately: Adjust the volume for the radio, CD, USB or ® Bluetooth streaming playback with the volume control (10). Use an output on the connected device whose volume you can adjust (e. g. the headphones output), and adjust the volume of the external audio source with the corresponding controller of the device. If "MIX AUX" is switched on, the audio source connected via the AUX input is played back together with the currently selected audio source (e. g. If "MIX AUX" is switched off, only the selected audio source is played in each case. Press the rocker switch (8) repeatedly until the system menu "Syst" opens. or (8) until the "MIX AUX" Mixing an external audio source with another audio source (MIX AUX) You can play an external audio source simultaneously with any other audio source of the radio (radio, CD, USB or ® Bluetooth streaming). to connect a mobile navigation device as external audio source and to play the navigation announcements via the radio loudspeakers while listening to one of the other audio sources. Note that the other audio source is not muted in this case if a navigation announcement is broadcast. "MIX AUX" : Off. Press the OK button (4) to select a different function, or press the DIS ESC button (6) to exit the menu. 39 Bluetooth® phone call The integrated Bluetooth module in your device allows the ® handsfree use of a phone via a Bluetooth connection. The cell phone can remain in the bag or the glove compartment ­ you have both hands free for steering. ® Besides cell phones, you can also connect Bluetooth ready MP3 players with the device and play back audio ® contents via Bluetooth streaming. For further details, ® please read the chapter "Bluetooth streaming mode". ® Bluetooth® preparation Prerequisites for Bluetooth phone calls are a Bluetooth cell phone and the installation of the supplied microphone (see the installation instructions). Conventional microphones are not suitable for a connection to this device. Contact your TATA service station for a list of cell phones that are compatible with the car sound system. ® The Bluetooth technology is a wireless connection with a short range. That is, the cell phone must be located in the vicinity of the car sound system (in the vehicle). ® ® connection is subsequently established. This connection remains in effect as long as the cell phone is within range. because you moved the cell phone outside the range, the connection is automatically re-established as soon as you are back within range. If you want to connect another registered cell phone with the car sound system, you can do so manually (please ® read the section "Managing registered Bluetooth devices" in this chapter). [. . . ] This unit is covered under warranty against manufacturing and material defects for a period of twenty four (24) months from the date of sale. Blaupunkt's standard warranty terms & conditions in this regard shall apply. In case of a defect, Blaupunkt undertakes to get the set repaired / replaced as per company's discretion. Instructions for the customer 1. Part A must be returned to the car dealer at the time of purchase of the product. [. . . ]


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