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[. . . ] The performance of an amplifier can only be as good as its installation. A correct installation increases the overall performance of your car sound system. If you would to install it yourself, please read these installation instructions very carefully and allow yourself sufficient time for the installation. In conclusion, allow us a few words about the topic of health protection: During the playback of music in your vehicle, please consider that continuous sound-pressure levels above 100 dB can lead to permanent damages to the human ear and even to loss of hearing. [. . . ] Do not connect loudspeakers to earth, use only the referenced terminals. The 12-V continuous positive cable must be connected with the amplifier + cable at the vehicle adapter cable (7 607 622 . - Securely fasten commercially available minus cables to a noise-free earth point (chassis screw, chassis metal) (not to the minus pole of the battery). - Scrap the contact surfaces of the earth point until they are bright and grease with graphite grease. Stereo mode Max power Max power RMS power RMS power Bridge mode Max power RMS power 4 4 4 4 x x x x 150 Watt / 4 170 watt / 2 75 watt / 4 85 watt / 2 Fig. The fuses integrated in the amplifier protect the power amplifier and the entire electrical system in case of an error. If a replacement fuse is used, never bridge fuses or replace them with a type with higher current. This allows the amplifier to be switched on and off using the on/off-switch of the radio device. A few important explanations in this context: By turning the control clockwise, the input sensitivity of the amplifier and, therefore, also the volume increases. However, this is not a volume control; no further amplifier output can be achieved in the end position, even if it may sound like that at the beginning. The system merely increases the volume faster if the volume control of the car sound system is turned up. As a special feature, +12 V/200 mA are now available as output switching voltage at the remote input/output after automatic switch-on. high-level connections (via PnP HighInputcable only) The amplifier features high-level connections (High Input) to be able to connect to radio devices without prestage outputs (Fig. Note: Unused Out/Input connectors from the PnP cable must be connected (see Fig. (If the amplifier is to be jumpered, continue with the section "Bridged loudspeaker connections" at this point). As with every audio component, the correct polarisation of amplifier and loudspeakers is of essentially importance for a good bass response. For this reason, ensure that the positive (+) connection of the amplifier is connected with the positive connection (+) of the loudspeaker; the same applies to the negative (-) connections. In addition, the left amplifier channel must be connected with the left loudspeaker and the right amplifier channel with the right loudspeaker. This allows the amplifier to be used for one or several subwoofers or a mid-range driver. In this configuration, the amplifier combines the right and left channel to a single-channel output (mono output). [. . . ] Please use the return and collection systems available to dispose of the product. Låt oss bara till sist säga några ord om hälsoskydd: Tänk på om du lyssnar på musik i bilen att en långvarig ljudnivå över 100 dB kan leda till bestående hörselskador och till och med dövhet. Därför är det viktigt att vid anslutning se till att den positiva anslutningen (+) på förstärkaren är kopplad till högtalarens positiva anslutning (+). Dessutom måste den vänstra förstärkarkanalen kopplas till den vänstra högtalaren och den högra förstärkarkanalen till höger högtalare. [. . . ]


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