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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Short press: Switch on car sound system In operation: Mute car sound system (Mute) Long press: Switch off car sound system Button (only Toronto 410 BT) Ending/rejecting a phone call button (only Toronto 410 BT) Short press: Answering a call, speed dial Long press: Open the phone book of the cell phone or activate voice dialing The car sound system was manufactured according to the state of the art and established safety guidelines. Even so, dangers may occur if you do not observe the safety notes in these instructions. These instructions contain important information to easily and safely install and operate the car sound system. Read these instructions carefully and completely before using the car sound system. [. . . ] Settings: AUTO (display brightness is automatically switched by switching the driving lights on or off ), MANUAL (display brightness can be switched manually). Automatic switching of the display brightness is possible only If your car sound system is installed as described in the installation instructions and your vehicle features the corresponding connection. When displaying MP3 file names) either as single display or continued display. U If necessary, turn the volume control 4 to adjust the desired volume for the ON VOL setting. Settings: ON VOL (power-on volume; 1 ­ 50) or LAST VOL (volume set last before switching off the car sound system). Note: When you set the time in 12-hour mode (HOUR MODE 12), an "AM" is displayed before the time for the time before noon or a "PM" for the time after noon. With the AUX MIX ON setting, an audio source connected to the front AUX-IN socket : is played back simultaneously with the respective active internal audio source of the car sound system (e. AUX MIX GAIN (AUX MIX Level) Adjusting the level of the AUX source with combined playback of the AUX source and another audio source (AUX MIX ON). This setting allows raising or lowering the level of the AUX source to adjust it to the level of the other active audio source. U Press the or button 7 repeatedly until you reach past the first or last position in order to confirm the name entered and to return to the "VARIOUS" menu. - or u Briefly press the MENU button 2 to confirm the name entered and to exit the user menu. The name entered is shown on the display as soon as you select the AUX source. FAST BROWSE Switching fast track selection in browse mode on or off using the volume control 4 and the On/Off button 3. U Press the / button 7 to toggle between the display of the version number of CPU (P) and software (E). NORMSET Restoring the original factory settings of the car sound system. You are returned to the VARIOUS menu to the "NORMSET" menu item. * Only in reception area "EUROPE" In the user menu, you can restore the original factory settings of the car sound system (see the chapter "User settings", section "Making settings in the "VARIOUS" menu", menu item "NORMSET"): For devices purchased outside the European Union, the warranty terms issued by our respective responsible domestic agency are valid. Information about the availability of this service in your country can be found at www. If you want to take advantage of this service, you may request a pick-up service for your car sound system via the Internet. Subject to changes Cela de la notice de montage qui se trouve à la fin de cette notice d'utilisation. When carrying out installation work and making connections please observe the following safety instructions: · disconnect the negative terminal of the battery!When doing so, please observe the vehicle manufacturer's safety instructions. [. . . ] Note: If a telephone is unpaired, the numbers stored for this telephone and a phone book transferred from this cell phone are automatically deleted. Note: If no devices are connected, the display briefly shows "EMPTY LIST". In the Bluetooth® menu, you can manage the paired Bluetooth® devices (cell phones and streaming devices such as MP3 player). In the device lists for cell phones and streaming devices, the Bluetooth® names or addresses of the paired devices are displayed. [. . . ]


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