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[. . . ] Although lengthy, this chart cannot address every single problem possible but mainly the ones most common. PARAMETER/FEATURE Channels Size ( W x H x D) Weight Crimping style speaker terminals?Maximum terminal wire size Subsonic filter Separate front/rear or left/right gains?Power output transistors Switching power supply transistors Minimum speaker impedance VALUE 3/2 active channels 8. 69 x 2. 19 x 11. 82 inches (220 x 56 x 300mm) 7. 0 lbs (3. 2 kg) YES 8 ga. [. . . ] But, with such a system, the stereo image and overall listening experience usually becomes much more life-like due to better tonal quality midrange/tweeter speakers and usually better placement. To build such a system though, complexity goes up due to the addition of passive or active crossovers which take time to install and may inject noise into the system due to potential noise signal pick up. The results though of such a system can be dramatically pleasing. Full-Range Full-Range Subwoofer Full-Range Full-Range Supplementary subwoofer system Tuner Passive X-over Sat Amplifier (4x50 W) Sub Amplifier (2x100 W) Subwoofers High performance multi-channel system INSTALLATION TOOLS For most installations, simple hand tools are adequate to install an aftermarket amplifier. Depending upon the mounting locations used, you will need power tools for drilling and cutting plastics and metal. A good starting list is summarized below: s s s s s s s s s Tape measure and ruler Marking pen and starting punch Phillips and flat blade screwdrivers (small and medium sizes) Nylon wire bundle ties Pliers: standard vice-grip and needle nose styles Light-duty trim pry-bar for removing door trim Cutting shears or nibbling tool for cutting thin and medium gauger metal Wire cutters, wire strippers, electrical tape, crimping pliers and appropriate crimp-on terminals Power drill with appropriate sized drill bits ­5 ­ VEHICLE WIRING VEHICLE FUSING For safety purposes, a high current fuse (or circuit breaker) MUST be installed in line with the amplifiers(s) immediately at the battery to prevent vehicle damage should the battery line in advertently shorted to the vehicle chassis. The chart at the right shows the recommended master fuse sizes for an average audio system with noted "rms" output power levels. SYSTEM FUSE CHART (Fuse size for total amplifier system power in "rms" watts) 100 W Fuse Size (in amps) 20 A 200 W 30 A 500 W 50 A 1000 W 100 A POWER WIRING Most vehicles built since 1990 have adequate current capability for your amplifier. Except for systems above about 500 W rms, the factory charging system and battery should easily support it if properly installed. Proper wire size must be chosen to ensure adequate current delivery to the amp. Wire size (gauge) of the cables need to increase in size for higher power systems. (Wire sizes larger than those noted are usually a waste of time and money since they offer Little or no performance improvements. ) Wire diameter must increase (decreased wire gauge number) for higher power systems. The wire sizes noted allow for a maximum 0. 5 volts DC drop over the give wire run which results in Sound Pressure Level drops inaudible to the average listener. SYSTEM POWER AND GROUND WIRE CHART (Wire gauge for total system in 'rms' watts) WIRE LENGTH 5 ft. It MUST be fused through its own dedicated fuse at the battery. +12V Spade Connector NOT SUPPLIED To Battery Terminal 10 Gage Wire 30 amp Fuse or Circuit Breaker Battery Terminal Adapter 2. ) FUSE - This fuse is only for catastrophic situations should the amplifier begin to self-destruct or incur installation situations where gross amounts of current are being required from the amplifier. Although another fuse is located at the battery, in line with the battery high current line, this fuse MUST remain in the circuit to physically protect the amplifier. Ground Terminal Connect to a good chassis ground. The ground connection should be clean, unpainted metal to provide a good electrical connection. +12V 3. ) SPEAKER OUTPUT CONNECTIONS - These connections are used to connect to the loudspeakers with the appropriate impedance. It is imperative that these lines NOT be connected or touch the chassis of the vehicle in any way. Also, the (+) and (-) leads are in no way inner connected so the left channel (+) and the right channel (+) must remain independent. In addition, the (-) leads for the speakers CANNOT touch or be wired to the ground lead of the amplifier; these are NOT common ground amplifiers. Spade Connector Ring Connector 10 Gage Wire Sheet Metal Screw Drill 1/8" hole in chassis sheet metal Remote Terminal Connect the radio power antenna lead from the receiver to the amplifier terminal. This turns the amplifier on whenever the receiver is turned on. +12V Important If wiring connections are made wrong, the unit will not operate properly and it could be damaged. Follow the installation instructions carefully, or have the installation handled by an experienced technician. Spade Connector 18-20 Gage Wire To Receiver Power Antenna Lead Butt Connector (not supplied) ­8 ­ SYSTEM CONFIGURATION #1 Full-Range High-Pass Subwoofer Full-Range High-Pass 3 Channel Multi-Mode (Active) + CH1 ­ Speakers + CH2 ­ + CH3 ­ CROSSOVER LOW FLAT HI + Bridged ­ SUBWOOFER OFF ON This amplifier offers a very unique installation advantage by including 3 independent amplifier channels with 2 active crossover sections. The inputs require only 2 signal leads (left and right) and derive the bass signal from these two. The final installation is most commonly configured with the two stereo channels driving satellite speakers in the flat or highpass mode for maximum sound pressure level. Such a system design supports an installation where the head unit (with internal power) drives the front speakers and this amp drives the rear satellite speakers along with the outboard subwoofer. [. . . ] Check for signal level "ground loops" - disconnect the outer shield of the RCA cable at one end of the cable (e. g. , radio end). There are voltage differences at the ground connections of the components and these are NOT correctable any other way than such shield cutting or an outboard "ground loop isolator" which is a small transformer. Power but no sound (power light is on) s s No sound from one channel or entire side s s s Very low sound level s s s Power amplifier turns on and off repeatedly (motor-boating sound) Amplifier turns off during loud or distorted passages s s s s s s s Amplifier performs fine but gets very hot to the touch s s s Amplifier turn-on/turn-off pops or noises s s Cracking noises on AM/FM radio but not on tape or cd. s s s s Whining noise, engine running, varies in pitch or loudness with engine speed, AND varies with radio volume control setting (this is generally a RADIO installation problem) s s s s Whining noise, engine running, varies in pitch or loudness with engine speed, BUT, DOES NOT vary with radio volume control setting (this is generally an amplifier installation problem) s s s s ­ 11 ­ LIMITED WARRANTY INFORMATION (UNITED STATES ONLY) Robert Bosch Corporation warrants new Blaupunkt car audio products it distributes in the United States through authorized Blaupunkt dealers, or which are imported as original vehicle equipment by the automobile manufacturer, to be free from defects in material and workmanship, in accordance with the following: For twelve (12) months after delivery to you, the original consumer purchaser, we will repair or at our option replace at no charge to you any car audio product which, under normal conditions of use and service, proves to be defective in materials or workmanship. However, this warranty does not cover expenses incurred in the removal or reinstallation of any car audio product, whether or not proven defective, and does not cover products not purchased from an authorized Blaupunkt dealer. This warranty is limited to the original consumer purchaser and is not transferable. [. . . ]


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