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[. . . ] · To avoid short circuits, never place metal objects inside the unit. · Do not drop the unit or expose it to strong shock or vibration. · If the LCD display is damaged or broken, do not touch the Liquid Crystal Display Fluid. If you come in contact with the fluid, immediately contact emergency assistance. CAUTION: Take the following precautions to keep the unit in working order: · Be sure that the unit is supplied with 7. 4V DC power with a negative ground. [. . . ] · Avoid extra slack in the cable in the area where the driver or passengers place their feet. This may cause injury to the driver or passengers, and potentially damage the antenna cable. · Absolutely do not attempt to cut and/or patch the antenna cable. Any slack in the cable should be gathered and neatly wire tied behind an interior panel. Track the cable to the rear of the car cradle and gently insert it into the receptacle labeled ANT. 13 Installation Installation in the Home: (Do not insert the AMERICA SR04 into the Car Cradle until the following steps are complete) You can also use your AMERICA SR04 with a home stereo. To do this, you must purchase an accessory kit, SR04 HOME KIT (Part Number 7 607 001 131). The home kit includes: · Home Cradle · Home Antenna · Home AC Power Cable · Home Audio Cable 1. · Find a location where it easy to view the front display of the unit. · Do not install the unit: ­ In front of an air conditioning vent. ­ Where the cables may be interfered with by a small child or animal. If errors continue, contact your local Blaupunkt dealer for support or call (800) 950-BLAU between the hours of 8am to 5pm CST for technical support. Activating your SIRIUS Subscription: Before enjoying SIRIUS Satellite Radio through your new AMERICA SR04 Tuner, you must first contact SIRIUS Satellite Radio to activate your account. When in the mode, press the DISPL button to view the Song Name or Artist Name of each saved song. When in this mode, press the OK button for each song to change the options for that song. Highlight and press YES to continue the deletion or NO to return to the menu. Select ON to re-activate S-SEEK for this song. 19 Operation When the AMERICA SR04 is powered on, it will actively search (S-SEEK) for these saved songs while you listen to other channels. If it finds one of the saved songs playing on another channel, you will hear a short alert tone and the display will show the name of the saved song. If you select nothing, the display will return to normal mode after 10 seconds. Category Preset Channel # Channel Name S-Seek Alert Signal Date / Time The S-SEEK memory holds 10 songs. If you try to save a song and the memory is full, the display will show MEMORY FULL. Use the CHANNEL UP / DOWN button to select the old song you wish to replace and press OK. If you do not want to replace any songs, select CANCEL, and the unit will return to normal mode. Category Preset Preset Channel # Replace Name Channel Cancel Signal Date / Time Signal Date / Time Category Replace 001 Artist Name 002 Artist Name 003 Artist Name 004 Artist Name Channel # Channel Name Memory Full 20 Operation Menu Options To enter the menu options, press and hold the MENU button for 3 seconds. When selecting MENU options, use the CHANNEL UP / DOWN to highlight the choice, and the OK button to confirm. The MENU options are defined as follows: CHANNEL MODE: Default tuning mode. [. . . ] Once the channel is locked, you must enter the password before you can reselect the channel. To unlock the channel, select the channel, enter your password, press and release MENU, and press and release #1. Once the channel is skipped, you will not see it in the numeric channel order when you use the tuning arrows. It is only selectable via direct channel access (See Tuning for Details). [. . . ]


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