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[. . . ] Many newer cars have acceptable speaker locations but a factory 4x10 watt system with dual cone speakers is just not going to impress anyone. Install your new coaxials and establish a pleasing mid and high frequency response, and with good imaging properties. to move up in performance , add an outboard subwoofer and amp to give an emotional sensation of "strength" to the audio system. SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION Full-Range Full-Range Speaker configurations are a common problem in autosound installations. [. . . ] Above about 120 dB (decibels) the sound isn't perceived as getting much louder due to the non-linearities of the human ear. A four loudspeaker system with the per-speaker efficiency rating of 90 dB (1 watt/1 meter) will often achieve about 110-115 dB if driven by 100 watts per speaker channel. (Although often debated, this is more than enough sound pressure level for most humans to enjoy and can easily cause hearing loss if listened to at such levels for hours at a time. Before disassembling your beautiful new car you need some basic installation knowledge and skill with common hand and power tools. There is a lot of helpful information in this manual that will save time and prevent problems later. S COVER THE VEHICLE WORK AREAS - Use fender covers or blankets to protect the work areas from scratches or dings. s DISCONNECT THE (-) LEAD ON THE BATTERY - No sparks or fires please!S "REVIEW" THE INSTALLATION - Before using any tools or moving vehicle components, take five minutes to review the installation intentions (e. , verify that an enclosure will fit in an area of a car before tearing out all the interior). S "REVIEW" THE VEHICLE - Before drilling any holes or cutting into any surfaces, make sure there are no fuel or hydraulic lines behind the surfaces. Also make sure there are no wires routed directly behind or near the desired mounting area (remember. In the event any provision, or any part or portion of this warranty shall be held invalid, void or otherwise unenforceable, such holding shall not affect the remaining part or portions of that provision or any other provision hereof. NOTICE TO CALIFORNIA OWNERS: If your Blaupunkt car audio product needs warranty repair service and there is no authorized service center reasonably close to you, you can return the defective unit to the dealer from whom you purchased it, or you can return it to any dealer who sells Blaupunkt car audio products. The dealer may, at the dealer's option, replace, repair or refund the purchase price for any Blaupunkt car audio products which prove defective under conditions of normal use. If the dealer fails to repair, replace, or partially refund your money, you may take your Blaupunkt car audio product to any repair shop and they can repair your unit at our expense unless the repair cost exceeds the depreciated value of the unit, but you must contact Blaupunkt to receive authorization to do this before your car audio product is repaired. ACOUSTICALLY INERT: Unlike metal baskets, the TPB baskets don't create additional sound via sympathetic vibration with the cone. They also don't require sound-dampening coating to reduce the inherent vibration typical of metal baskets. INSTALLER FRIENDLY: The TPB baskets are very Installer friendly with their ability to be easily drilled for additional mounting holes. If there are slight curves or bumps in the mounting panel the plastic rim will conform ensuring a good front/rear air seal. â· SEE THROUGH: The TPB baskets allow the user to see the inner workings of a speaker like never before. We strongly recommend that you have your Blaupunkt subwoofers professionally installed. If you choose to do your own installation please note the following important information: s Before cutting any trim or metal make sure your final installation will clear all moving parts, factory cables, wires, and hoses. [. . . ] If you experience any problems take corrective action immediately to prevent damage to the speaker, amplifier, and vehicle. LIGHTWEIGHT: The TPC injected plastic cones are lightweight and mechanically rigid, allowing the speakers to play louder with less power than conventional paper or poly cones. This creates an `up front' sound without adding `coloration' to the original recording. This ensures premium sound accuracy from speaker to speaker and maintains sound accuracy for many years to come. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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