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[. . . ] Navigation TravelPilot EX-V Operating and installation instructions www. blaupunkt. com Overview 2 RC 09H remote control handset 12 11 13 10 9 14 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Overview Monitor 1 Screen for displaying the symbol and map displays. 4 SRC button Video source selection switch (navigation / external video input on the computer). 6 MODE button For adjusting the 16:9 picture format (Full / Normal / Cinema). button for opening the menus for dynamic route guidance and manual traffic congestion detour. button, correction button for deleting letters during character input and for jumping back to the previous menu. [. . . ] Roads which can be excluded in sections are marked by an arrow pointing to the right. Route guidance 3. To exclude road sections, mark the road and press The road sections will appear. . Exclude the road sections in the same way as described for roads. Cancelling road exclusions on the route list 1. If the traffic situation has improved, you can cancel road exclusions you have entered in the route list. Mark "Cancel exclusion option" in the "Congestion" menu. Route guidance will appear, you will hear the following voice output: "The route is being calculated. " 43 Dynamic route guidance with TMC The TMC function on the TravelPilot EX-V enables the system to use dynamic route guidance to avoid traffic congestion. The TravelPilot EX-V analyses incoming TMC traffic messages, adapts the planned route to the current traffic situation, and displays traffic reports symbolically on the map display. Plus Point: The TravelPilot EX-V always calculates the optimum route in terms of travelling time; i. e. if a detour around traffic congestion increases travelling time significantly, the TravelPilot EX-V would remain on the route passing through the traffic congestion under certain conditions. This depends on what kind of traffic congestion has been reported and how long it is and on how long the possible detour is. Dynamic route guidance is only possible when the TravelPilot EX-V is connected to a TMC receiver. TMC receivers include the "TMC D-Namic tuner box", which was specially developed for the TravelPilot EX-V, and a number of Blaupunkt car radios. Please contact your authorized Blaupunkt dealer or ring the Blaupunkt telephone hotline (the hotline number is listed on the last page of this instruction manual) to find out which Blaupunkt car radios can be used in conjunction with the TravelPilot EX-V. Plus Point: If you do not have a "TMC-Tunerbox D-Namic" or a suitable Blaupunkt car radio, you can enter a detour manually to avoid traffic congestion. For further details, read the "Using the traffic congestion function" section in the "Route guidance" chapter. 44 Dynamic route guidance with TMC Switching TMC on/off The TMC function is switched on or off in the Route options menu. For more information, refer to the section on "Selecting route options". Selecting the TMC station with the TMC D-Namic tuner box The "TMC D-Namic tuner box" automatically searches the frequency band in the background for TMC stations within reception range. The TMC stations within reception range appear in a list which is updated continually. The TMC station currently selected will be displayed next to the menu item. Plus Point: The "TMC D-Namic tuner box" will automatically tune into the TMC station you have selected (preferred station). This means that after you leave the reception area served by your preferred station (the system will tune into a different TMC station) and return to this reception area again later, this is the station that will be selected even if other TMC stations are available. This intelligent switching function means that the station indication may change frequently in the reception area as well. This ensures that you always receive all of the traffic information which is transmitted by the TMC stations within reception range. 45 Dynamic route guidance with TMC Selecting the TMC station with the car radio A TMC-enabled car radio is able to provide traffic information to the TravelPilot EX-V. [. . . ] This means that the supplied receiver for the RC 09H does not necessarily have to be installed. Important installation information for the speedometer signal When connecting the speedometer signal, make sure to observe the following information: 1. Where to find the signal: For many vehicles, the speedometer signal can be found in the vehicle-specific car radio plug. Contact the customer service of the vehicle manufacturer or an authorised navigation dealer to find out what the exact pin allocation is. Installation 2. Do not use the speedometer signal from ABS control units or control circuits. [. . . ]


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