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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Do not unplug the connector of the power supply by pulling on the wire. The wire could be damaged and cause electrical shock. Warning symbols used In the chapters, warning symbols refer to important notes for you and the device. Warns about accidents Use as directed The device is designed for mobile use in vehicles. Special information about the navigation of trucks, busses and campers, such as altitude and width limitations or maximum permissible road load, is not included in the navigation data! [. . . ] "Performing Bluetooth settings") Registering with the cell phone u Activate the Bluetooth function in the cell phone. Registering with the navigation device If you want to perform the registration with the navigation device, start the search for Bluetoothready devices (ch. "Performing Bluetooth settings", "Searching for devices"). u u Establishing and disconnecting Bluetooth connection If you register a cell phone with the device for the first time, the Bluetooth connection is automatically established, regardless of whether you initiated the registration with the cell phone or the navigation device. Note: The Bluetooth connection is disconnected if you switch off the device or spatially separate cell phone and device. 41 Bluetooth function Touch the symbol. u u Touch the symbol to disconnect the Bluetooth connection. Performing Bluetooth settings Settings in the Bluetooth Settings menu: · Activating/deactivating the Bluetooth function · Switching visibility on/off · List of connected (registered) devices (incl. Establishing/disconnecting a Bluetooth connection) · Searching for devices (registering additional cell phones, ch. "Establishing a Bluetooth connection") · Ringtone for incoming calls The second page of the menu also contains the following settings: · Establishing the connection automatically · Changing the PIN for the Bluetooth connection · RAS setting for Internet access · Automatic call answering for incoming calls · Loading a phone book (ch. If you performed changes to the settings: Touch the button to exit the u menu. Activating/deactivating the Bluetooth function Deactivate the Bluetooth function if you do not need it. The function uses additional current, thereby reducing the operating time of the navigation device. Touch the symbol to activate (check u mark) or deactivate (no check mark) Bluetooth. Registering additional cell phones with the navigation device Start the search for Bluetooth-ready devices if you want to register additional cell phones. Touch the symbol to remove a phrase from the user topic. u Camera function The camera is used on the road for snapshots or video recordings. Touch the button to perform the u settings for the camera: ­ ­ ­ Special Effect: Colour settings Sound on/off: Activate/deactivate the shutter sound during the release Video Mode on/off: Switching between taking pictures (no check mark) and video recording (check mark) Illustrated phrase book If you travel to a different country, the phrase book supports you with common phrases and sentences about many topics, such as restaurants or hotels. The phrases feature illustrations and are read aloud to be repeated ­ practical for learning a language. The initial language used is the language selected in the settings (ch. "Performing basic settings"). 44 Camera function | Entertainment Resolution: Selecting the image resolution The brightness is automatically adjusted to the environment. u Touch the buttons to scale the camera image (not for highest resolution). Activate the video function in the settings (Video mode on (check mark)). The videos are stored in the "TravelPilot" > "Video" directory. The operation is identical to that of the Entertainment video playback (ch. Touch the button to exit the menu. u u Taking pictures (geotagging) The photos contain the location of your recording in coordinates (so-called "geotagging"). These coordinates are used as own POIs with the installation programme on the enclosed CD/DVD. [. . . ] Afterwards, the device can be disconnected again from the computer. DataStorage TravelPilot . . . Navigation CountryInfo MapData OwnPOIs Tour Photo Podcast Video . . . 16 Using POIs/tours with the device Using POIs/Tours with the device POIs and tours can be used from a memory card or directly from the memory. The long instructions on the enclosed CD/DVD include descriptions about all possible uses of the POIs and tours: · How to use your POIs as destination (ch. "Points of interest (POI)") · How to show and hide your POIs on the map (ch. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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