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[. . . ] · While you are driving, only use the voice output and directional symbols on the monitor. · Stop your vehicle at a suitable location if you wish to re-program the TravelPilot RGN 08 or look up more detailed information. Route guidance The current traffic routing situation can differ from the data stored on the CD-ROM. Due to system limitations, the TravelPilot RGN 08 cannot warn of altered traffic routing conditions e. g. If you do not pay attention to the actual traffic routing conditions, there is a danger that you will cause a serious accident. [. . . ] CENTRE SURROUNDING DEST NON-URBAN TRAVEL GUIDE EXIT 14 START After the destination has been entered, the ROUTE OPTIONS menu can be called up START function key. by pressing the You can select options by pressing the corresponding function key. The following options for route calculation are available for selection: A route is calculated that requires as short a journey time as possible to your destination. An optimised route is calculated which is the shortest possible route to your destination. This menu item allows you to include or exclude the MOTORWAY, FERRY and TOLL options for the route calculation. By repeatedly pressing the function key, the selected option can be activated (inverse display) or deactivated (normal display). Furthermore, using this same method of selection with the QUICK ROUTE menu item, you can set whether a quick or short route should be calculated on the basis of the selected options. 15 S DESTINATION HILDESHEIM KAISERSTRASSE KENNEDYDAMM START EXIT QUICK ROUTE S SHORT ROUTE ROUTE OPTIONS QUICK ROUTE SHORT ROUTE OWN CHOICE EXIT OWN CHOICE S ROUTE OPTIONS MOTORWAY FERRY TOLL QUICK ROUTE START EXIT Any combination of options can be selected (e. g. require, press the If you press the EXIT function key, you will return to the main navigation menu. Note: A situation my arise where a route is calculated which includes an option that you actually wanted excluded when making your selections. If, for example, you excluded the "ferry" option but your destination is only reachable by ferry because it is located on an island, the system will calculate a route which includes the ferry option contrary to your selection. a stored location) is not situated within the digitised area, you will hear the announcement: "No route guidance is available to your destination". The display will then show NO ROUTE and the arrow will point in the direction in which the destination lies. S NO ROUTE 219 km RÖMERRING 19 JAM AHEAD Using the "JAM AHEAD" function, the calculated route can be altered according to the current traffic situation. This means that if you see a problem with the traffic up ahead or you are informed about this over the radio (e. g. a traffic jam or road works), you can exclude certain route sections starting from your current vehicle position. The route sections that can be excluded refer to the road network that lies ahead of you and your vehicle. Each section comprises the section of road located between two road junctions. The first section that can be excluded comprises the length of road starting from your vehicle and ending at the next junction but one. The navigation system then calculates a new route starting from the next possible turning which, if possible, will bypass the traffic disruption. upper left Example: You have entered a small town and are driving your vehicle between road turning A and turning B. The traffic information you hear on the radio informs you that there is a disruption to traffic between turning C and D. The first section in the list that can be excluded is the length of road starting from your current vehicle position up to the next possible turning but one, i. e. [. . . ] Press the rocker switch until the selection arrow v points to Navigation and then switch back to the auxiliary menu by pressing the S key twice. If ON is selected, the route will be travelled along only once and will then stop. A new destination must then be entered and route guidance must be restarted. If CONTINUOUS is selected, the demo will run in a continuous loop, i. e. [. . . ]


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