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[. . . ] Equipment fuses: Basic unit: GPS receiver: 5 A wire fuse 5 A miniature fuse 5 A wire fuse Magnetic field sensor (electronic compass) Note: You must determine the optimum mounting location for the magnetic field sensor in each vehicle individually. Before permanently installing the magnetic field sensor, attach it temporarily and then test the chosen location with the installation and calibration CD-ROM to make sure everything operates correctly. It determines the driving direction by measuring the horizontal earth magnetic field component. Since the earth magnet field is relatively small, you must ensure that there is no magnetic or electromagnetic interference affecting the magnet field sensor at the chosen mounting location. [. . . ] Before unscrewing the wheel nuts, mark the position of the wheel on the wheel hub. Because the magnetic strips are glued into position, the rim must be free of rust, dirt, grease and water. Clean the inside of the wheel rim thoroughly (brake cleaning fluid, brake and clutch cleaner). To ensure that the glue adheres properly, the rims must be at room temperature. After thoroughly cleaning and perhaps allowing the rims to warm up, glue the magnetic strips onto the marked spots over the entire area parallel to the outer edge of the rim, Fig. 4 Notes Do not glue the magnetic strips directly onto the edge of the rim, as here they can be damaged very easily. Do not piece the magnetic strip together and cut it only at the marked points (maximum gap between the beginning and end point, one field = 25 mm). Align the wheel sensors in keeping with the installation tolerances, Fig. Lay the sensor wires into the interior of the vehicle (use any existing bushings or drill new holes) and lay them to the navigation unit. Seen from the driving direction, the antenna is to be mounted on the righthand side in the rear of the vehicle (passenger's side, in Great Britain, driver's side). On notchback vehicles, mount the antenna on the lid of the boot using the corner clamps, Fig. On estate wagons and liftback cars, set the antenna on the roof with its magnetic foot, Fig. - Use protective sheathing to protect the antenna wire from being pinched. - The adhering surface of the antenna must be free of dirt, snow, ice, etc. - If the antenna is painted with the same colour as the vehicle, especially paints containing a high percentage of metal, this may adversely affect the reception. There is no guarantee that the antenna will operate properly after it has been painted. - 20 - Componentry Fig. 1 GPS receiver GPS antenna Precision resistor Magnetic field sensor - 22 - Componentry Fig. 1 Wheel sensors (2x) Wheel sensor extension cord (2x) Display Loudspeaker - 23 - Mounting material Positive-negative connection Fig. 2 UBatt terminal 30 red Ignition terminal 15 black ground brown - 24 - Precision resistor connection Fig. 3 Connection block for the navigation unit Rear window Heckscheibe + Chassis Chassis 75 cm Heckscheibe rea measuring wire 50 cm r window 250 cm precision resistor Mounting the wheel sensor and magnetic strip Fig. 25 mm cut edge 12. 7 mm rim edge magnetic strips - 25 - 12. 7 mm Installation tolerances for the wheel sensors Fig. 5 Clearance Z: Z = 6. 5 mm ± 1. 5 mm Z centre of the sensor Offset Y: The centre of the sensor must be located over the entire circumference of the wheel over the magnetic strip. Y Y 10° Turning angle: The turning angle must not exceed 10°. Length of the metal holder: The free-standing length must be kept as short as possible (max. [. . . ] No calibration required. no Mount the wheel sensors properly at the correct distance (6. 5 mm) to the magnetic strips. yes , , Sensor - emulator test" Plug the wheel sensor into the emulator. O. K. ? no Replace the basic navigation unit and do a complete calibration. no Replace wheel sensor. No calibration required. - 31 - Error: Locating loss when the rear window defogger is switched on and the magnetic field sensor has been mounted on the rear window Load the installation disk. The indication for , , precision resistor" must change by > 30 points, for example from 435 to 390 no Test the basic navigation unit with the , , sensor - emulator test". [. . . ]


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