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[. . . ] close to fire, heating devices or in a parked car with direct exposure to the sun. · If battery liquid comes into contact with your eyes or skin, immediately flush with water and consult a doctor. · Remove the device from the power supply when you park your vehicle since it continues to use battery power and could deplete the vehicle battery. Do not unplug the connector of the power supply by pulling on the wire. [. . . ] The destination address with information about distance and arrival or remaining driving time is displayed. The destination can be displayed on the map: u Touch the Show In Map button. 29 Additional functions during the route guidance | TMC function Display route list The route list can be displayed to gain an overview of the route. u Touch the symbol to exit the route list again. TMC function The Traffic Message Channel continuously broadcasts traffic announcements. The TMC function in your device allows you to receive and display the messages. Or you can use them for route guidance so that you can avoid traffic jams. Establishing TMC reception TMC is a service of the radio stations and is not offered in all countries. The troubleshooting table shows the countries in which TMC is available. Connecting the TMC antenna u Connect the TMC antenna with the corresponding socket. u Affix the suction feet as parallel as possible to the instrument panel. Searching for TMC stations The device automatically sets the next receivable TMC station. If the reception quality deteriorates, it immediately searches for a new station. If you performed changes to the settings: Touch the button to exit the menu. u Activating/deactivating the Bluetooth function Touch the symbol to activate (check u mark) or deactivate (no check mark) Bluetooth. Switching visibility on/off The navigation device can be visible or invisible to other Bluetooth-ready devices. Touch the symbol to switch the visiu bility on (check mark) or off (no check mark). Paired devices You can call up the list of already registered cell phones and edit it. 33 Audio transmission If a Bluetooth connection exists, you can use the navigation device to listen to music that is stored on your cell phone. Note: Every cell phone supports the audio transmission in a different way. Note: The maximum volume depends on the adjusted volume in the cell phone. Touch the button repeatedly to play the u current or the previous track. Note: If you want to pair a cell phone with the device, first unpair an existing Bluetooth connection. Touch the symbol to rename the cell phone in the list. u Touch the Connect button. [. . . ] Touch the desired road map in the list to select it. 9 Memory cards Memory cards You can use a memory card with the device for the following: · Own POI lists · Reinstalling the navigation software and road maps (recovery) Step 1 ­ Preparing the memory card The device accepts SD/SDHC and MMC cards. Connect a commercially available card reader or the device to your computer and insert a memory card. Ensure that the memory card was formatted using the file system FAT 1 or FAT : ­ To do so, select My Computer (PC) or Finder (Mac). ­ Right-click on the removable media drive or the drive that appears and select Format > FAT (PC). [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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