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Manual abstract: user guide BLAUPUNKT TRAVEL PILOT RG05

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[. . . ] MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM Installation instructions GB Berlin RCM 303 A Navigation component TravelPilot RG 05 3 D94 653 072 7 612 001 110 GB Safety instructions Installation and connection regulations While installing and mounting this equipment, you must disconnect the negative terminal of the battery. Important: You must also comply with all safety instructions given by the auto manufacturer (alarm system, vehicle immobilizer, airbag)!Before drilling holes for mounting the equipment or laying the wiring, make sure that no existing wiring or auto parts (such as the petrol tank, fuel line) will be damaged. In order to avoid any interference, lay all wiring far enough away from the wire harnesses. [. . . ] Lay the antenna wire into the interior of the vehicle and connect the BNC plug on the antenna wire with the antenna jack on the GPS receiver. It is advisable to remove the antenna from the roof when driving through a carwash. Wheel sensors and magnetic strips Fig. 4 Safety instructions Never screw the wheel sensor clamp onto any stress-bearing parts. Do not attach the sensor wiring to the brake lines or to any moving parts. The wheels must be tightened using the torque recommended by the factory (approx. Mount the wheel sensors and the magnetic strips on the free-rolling wheels, for four-wheel drive cars, on the rear wheels. In order to mount both the wheel sensors and the magnetic strips, the vehicle must be jacked up. Screw the wheel sensors onto the sensor mounts and look for a suitable mounting location. The sensors must not swing mechanically and they should be placed in a sheltered location. While mounting the wheel sensors, it is essential to comply with the installation tolerances, Fig. 5 Mounting the magnetic strips After you have found a suitable location for the wheel sensors, you must determine the position of the magnetic strips on the inside of the wheel rims. Mark the location selected for the magnetic strip and remove the wheel. Before unscrewing the wheel nuts, mark the position of the wheel on the wheel hub. Because the magnetic strips are glued into position, the rim must be free Mounting the GPS receiver The location for the GPS receiver is dependent on the length of the antenna wire (2. 5 m) and the connection wire to the navigation unit (1. 5 m). Cut the perforated strips into equal lengths and bend them to form corner clamps, Fig. Screw the clamps onto the GPS receiver using 4 screws and tooth lock washers. Do not use screws longer than 7 mm, otherwise you may destroy the GPS receiver. -2- CORA bus Positive-negative connection GPS receiver Fig. 2 The GPS receiver must be connected to permanent plus 12 V and positive via the ignition. Lay the permanent plus 12 V wire (orange) to the battery (do not lay the wire in the direct vicinity of any wire harnesses). Attach a fuse carrier to protect the plus wire and connect it to the positive terminal of the battery (if necessary, drill holes in the splashboard and use wire bushings accordingly). Connect the switching plus wire (red) to the fuse carrier at terminal 15 (switched to plus via the ignition) behind the fuse. In cars in which it is not possible to connect the wire in the fuse box, use the enclosed fuse carrier to connect the wire directly to terminal 15 at the ignition. [. . . ] Test passed? yes no Check the mechanical wiring to the precision resistor. (Chassis and rear window wiring, signal wire to the basic navigation unit) O. K. ? Replace the basic navigation unit and do a complete calibration. yes Test the signal wire to the basic unit with an ohmmeter on transition. (Resistance measures 3. 3 m) no Repair wiring. no Replace precision resistor and do a complete calibration on the basic navigation unit. - 14 - Error: Regular locating loss even after a short drive Load the installation disk. Select , , find compass location", then select , , compass ellipse". [. . . ]


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