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[. . . ] The rules of applicable road traffic acts must be observed at all times. The driver must always decide whether to follow the details given or not. We accept no liability for the navigational system issuing incorrect details. As a result of traffic routing changes and deviating data, inaccurate or incorrect instructions may be given. [. . . ] Selecting the Intersection After you have entered the destination city and street, you can use the junction menu field to display all the streets branching off from or crossing the destination street to assist you in finding your way. Press the Intersection button to display all intersections in the destination road. Displaying destination on the map Once the destination has been entered, you can display it in the map of the surrounding area. Options for the drive profile You can set your drive profile in the Options settings window. The setting made here impacts on the calculation of the probable journey times and the distance (short route / fast route). 6008 6010 Press the 5021 key on the bottom edge of the screen to call up the list of streets. The street is selected by pressing the corresponding button. ! Press the field at the top left to select the mode type. Select one of the following options: ! 6009 ! Press the In map key to display the destination selected on the map. Meaning With this option, the shortest route possible for the time required is calculated. Dynamic rou- With this option, the te shortest route possible for the time required is calculated in addiction with the incoming trafficmessages. Setting Fast route 40 Navigational mode Short route With this option, the shortest route is calculated in terms of kilometres travelled. Saving a destination The Save button opens a window that allows you to spell the destination using the letter menu (the entry menu allows you to change between upper and lower case). Once you have made your entry via the letter menu, you have the option of recording a voice command to select the destination at a later time. ! If you do not wish to make a voice recording, press the button602 . Press the following boxes one after another: · Motorways · Ferries · Toll roads !Select one of the following options: Meaning With this option, the corresponding road type 6059 is included in the route calculation. Once you have selected a point of interest, the keys in the lower area can be used: · to display points of interest on the map · define options of the drive profile · to save the point of interest in the destinations memory · to start directions to the point of interest immediately. Press the Select on map key to make a direct selection. The map display appears. ! In the Town or Postcode box (top button) enter the town in which you want to search for a point of interest. museum). ! Note: You may have to use the zoom keys to increase the area displayed to find the street required. 6009 44 Navigational mode Gently press the screen surface until a circle of dots is drawn around the destination requested. Information on the point selected is loaded from the set of data and displayed. There are buttons under the information box which can be used to call up several functions which are provided for the route point selected. The following function keys are provided for non-active directions to the destination: ! When directions to the destination is active, the Interim destination button is also still available. You can use this button to add the destination selected from the map to your route as a part-way destination. Navigation menu: Route planning The Route planning window gives you the possibility to create and select individual routes. Apart from selecting and setting various details, you can also specify intermediate destinations. 6012 6002 ! Key Navigation Add Meaning Starts navigation Press a key to undertake the action requested. ! 6013 In Navigation menu, press the Route planning key to access the route menu. The name of the last programmed route is displayed at the top left and the individual stages of this route appear underneath. Adds the destination to the route Save Allows your destination to be given a name via the entry menu and saves this in the destinations memory Search nearby Entry menu as for normal POI entries 45 Navigational mode Route list Routes already stored in the system are selected from the route list. Using a route The following buttons are available: Key Map symbol New route Meaning Shows all stages inside actual route in the map. Opens the "address window" for entering a new destination address Activates individual route points for processing Calculates the difference in distance and the journey time for the current entries Starts navigation 6098 6013 Edit Note: If no route is displayed (for example after a Reset), press the route button. [. . . ] The individual contact surfaces are marked with the language designation and the associated national flag. Cancelling the language selection The language selection is closed by pushing the back button, and the setting menu then appears. 76 Settings Information Information concerning the Traffic Assist Pro is displayed using the following buttons. 9023 ! Push the button Information. The information display appears. 9018 Please note particularly the product designation and the details of the software version. Always quote these details in the event of queries with Harman/Becker service department. 77 Specialist words ETA ((Estimated Time of Arrival) The estimated time of arrival at the destination. When making calculations, the Traffic Assist Pro takes into consideration the various average speeds for different road types (inner city, A-roads, motorways, etc. ) and the current traffic situation in combination with the TMC. [. . . ]


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