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[. . . ] Blaupunkt retail dealers have the tools and experience for an optimized and safe installation, we recommend that they do the final vehicle integration. Should you choose to install these speakers yourself, please take the time to read this manual completely and abide by all precautions. SYSTEM PLANNING The largest possible impact on any audio system (home or car) is the tonal quality of the loudspeakers, their respective placement, and their overall efficiency (loudness). A 4x20 watt amplifier and four dual-cone speakers is never going to make an impressive performance. [. . . ] S "REVIEW" THE VEHICLE - Before drilling any holes or cutting into any surfaces, make sure there are no fuel or hydraulic lines behind the surfaces. Also make sure there are no wires routed directly behind or near the desired mounting area (remember. S ENSURE PROPER FIT - Before cutting or drilling, make sure the speaker will physically fit in its desired location. Check for clearance around rear deck torsion bars or other structural elements. s EVERY CAR IS ASSEMBLED DIFFERENT - Every auto manufacturer uses different assembly techniques. Take care in removing/modifying all trim panels and mounting surfaces since they often use unique screws or snap fasteners that are difficult to replace if they are lost or broken. S BE CAREFUL WITH CABLE ROUTING - When routing audio cables, make sure RCA and speaker wires are routed away from high current power lines for audio amplifiers and vehicle systems lines when possible. This will help prevent noises from creeping into the audio system, plus prevent potential damage to the vehicle wiring itself. S BE CARFUL WITH ALL CONNECTIONS - When making connections, make sure each connection is clean and properly secured. Observe all polarity markings carefully to ensure proper end performance. Robert Bosch Corporation warrants new Blaupunkt car audio products it distributes in the United States through authorized Blaupunkt dealers, or which are imported as original vehicle equipment by the automobile manufacturer, to be free from defects in material and workmanship, in accordance with the following: For twelve (12) months after delivery to you, the original consumer purchaser, we will repair or at our option replace at no charge to you any car audio product which, under normal conditions of use and service, proves to be defective in materials or workmanship. However, this warranty does not cover expenses incurred in the removal or reinstallation of any car audio product, whether or not proven defective, and does not cover products not purchased from an authorized Blaupunkt dealer. This warranty is limited to the original consumer purchaser and is not transferable. Repaired and replacement car audio products shall assume the identity of the original for purpose of this warranty and this warranty shall not be extended with respect to such products. To obtain performance of this warranty, contact the nearest Blaupunkt authorized repair facility or our nearest office. A dated purchase receipt or other proof that the product is within the warranty period will be required in order to honor your claim. For further information, write to the Robert Bosch Corporation, 2800 South 25th Avenue, Broadview, Illinois, 60153, attention Blaupunkt Customer Service Department or call 1-800-266-2528. Specifically excluded from this warranty are failures caused by misuse, neglect, abuse, improper operation or installation, dropping or damaging, unauthorized service or parts, or failure to follow maintenance instructions or perform normal maintenance activities. Normal maintenance activities for car audio products include but are not limited to cleaning and other minor maintenance activities and adjustments that are outlined in the owner's manual or that are normally required for continued proper operation. Also excluded from this warranty is the correction of improper installation and the elimination of any external electromagnetic interference. [. . . ] S When installing more than one speaker per amplifier channel be sure that the combined impedance values do not fall below the recommended minimum speaker load values of the amplifier (most amplifiers will overheat over time and possibly shut down with loads below 2 ohms). S Speaker wire size should be sufficient to carry the full power of the amplifier (16 gauge or larger is sufficient in about 90% of all audio systems assuming <100 watt amplifiers and wire runs under 20 feet) s Speaker wires should be electrically and physically isolated from the vehicle and routed away from any factory wiring that carries high currents or noises (e. (This is an excellent introductory book on designing speakers for the home but is quite applicable to the car since many concepts are carried over. ) s LOUDSPEAKER DESIGN COOKBOOK , Vance Dickason , copyright 1991-1996 , distributed by Old Colony Sound Lab , Peterborough , NH , 03458. [. . . ]


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