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[. . . ] key feature include: · High power handling and low distortion for the woofer due to the Extended Pole design. High power handling for the "Polyfoam" tweeter through the use of Neodymium magnets and a circuit breaker type "poly-switch" that open the circuit to the tweeter, if overdriven · reinforced Polypropylen woofer cones to maintain rigidity and resistance to moisture · Butyl rubber soround for great cone excursions at low frequencies · Clear, clean high frequency response and transparency with "Polyfoam" dome tweeter · Easy installation of woofers with car specific design · 12/12 dB/octave linear phase crossovers with high frequency adjust of level and crossover frequency · The extended pole design offers a longer symmetrical magnetic field compared to a conventional flush type pole. EXTENDED POLE DESIGN In a conventional flush type pole piece the asymmetrical flux distribution through the voice coil prevents linear motion throughout the voice coil travel. [. . . ] imaging is a sound system's ability to correctly place the instruments on the imaginary stage. Again, the Velocity speakers excel here due to angled tweeter mounting and smooth off-axis frequency response ensuring accurate reproduction. mULTI-CHANNEL/HIGH POWER Moving up to a 4x50 watt satellite channel amplifier powering four sets of components and a 2x100 watt subwoofer amplifier powering a Velocity subwoofer can offer stunning performance!The increase in amplifier power help reduce "clipping" which yields a "cracking" type of sound which can damage nearly any speaker over time. The tonal accuracy of the system is also often improved because the amplifiers are no longer strained at high listening levels. Making sure there are no air leaks between the front and back of the woofers cone · protecting the speakers · Ensuring the wiring is correct The lower the frequencies a speaker reproduces, the more solid it´s mounting surface must be. This is necessary because a vibrating panel winds up acting like another loudspeaker and introduces its own sound into the car. This secondary sound can severely degrade the sound of the music yielding a "muffled" or "howling" sound at certain listening levels. A good air seal isolating the sound from the back of the speaker from the front wave sound is critical. Lack of a good air seal reduces the bass response and often creates a "hollow" sound from the woofer . The tweeter´s mounting is not nearly so critical since it does not require a rear air seal and it vibrates very little. Speaker wiring must be isolated from the electrical system of the car and routed away from any factory systems to avoid potential noise pickup. INSTALLING THE WOOFERS IN FACTORY LOCATIONS Most of today´s newer cars have speaker grilles which blend in aesthetically with the interior of the car. to remove a clipped on grille , gently pry up on the side with a flat blade screwdriver. [. . . ] Mounting the tweeters mid level and as far forward in the door panel is often the best acoustical location in most cars. Enjoy the music, with good tonal balance and good staging in your car. CONFIGURATION A MULTIPLES CANAUX / HIGHPOWER MONTAGE DE HAUT-PARLEURS DE COMPOSANTS Les critères les plus importants pour le montage des haut-parleurs de composants sont les suivants: - Agencement correct des haut-parleurs - Montage des haut-parleurs sur une base fixe - Arête étanche à l'air du haut-parleur pour graves de l'avant vers l'arrière - Protection suffisante des haut-parleurs - Câblage correct des haut-parleurs Plus les fréquences reproduites sont graves, plus la surface de base doit être fixe, car une base vibrante agira comme un haut-parleur supplémentaire et créera des sons non désirés. [. . . ]


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