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[. . . ] If this is not the case, verify the correct operation of the mural socket by means of another device. Ensure that the control panel is programmed correctly and that the time switch is adjusted. Ensure that the door is closed correctly by engaging the locking safety system. Ensure that the device is not damaged (twisted or non-aligned door, joints or hermetic lock surfaces damaged, hinges and catches loosened or broken or protuberances inside the oven or on the door). [. . . ] Prick food having a thick skin such as potatoes, marrows, apples or sweet chestnuts before putting them in the oven. After re-heating small jars or feeding bottles for babies, shake to distribute the heat and check the temperature to avoid any burns. ATTENTION : never change the power supply lead, carry out maintenance, repairs or operations involving the dismantling of a cover constituting protection against microwave energy. These manipulations can turn out to be very hazardous and must absolutely be carried out by a qualified person to avoid any danger. PRINCIPLES OF MICROWAVE COOKING The arrangement of food is very important. Adjust the recommended minimum time and prolong the cooking if need be. cover food during cooking to avoid spatters and to obtain uniform cooking. Turn the food over once during cooking to accelerate the cooking of food such as chicken and hamburgers. Food, such as meatballs, must be turned and moved from the centre towards the outside of the tray half way through cooking. The ideal recipient is composed of a material that is permeable to microwaves. Metal bowls or dishes having metallic finishes must, therefore, not be used. They can effectively contain small metal fragments susceptible of causing sparks and/or a fire. The table below constitutes a general guide intended to help you choose the ideal recipient. RECIPIENT Heatproof glass Non heatproof glass Heatproof ceramic Plastic dish resistant to microwaves Foodstuff paper Metal container Metal griddle of the grill Aluminium foil and aluminium pastry boats MICROWAVE Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes GRILL Yes No Yes No No Yes Yes Yes MIXED COOKING Yes No Yes No No No Yes Yes DESCRIPTION 1. Com manuals search engine Contol Panel digital DISPLAY Cooking time, power, programming indicator and time are displayed. Grill Press this button to program a grill cooking time of up to 60 minutes. Time/menu Turn this control button to enter the time as well as to determine the duration of cooking. Having selected a menu of automatic cooking, use this button to specify the weight of food as well as the number of portions. Each pressure on this button increases the cooking time and starts the program at full power at once. Stop/cancel This button allows the cancelling of a program before adjusting the cooking. Com manuals search engine DIGITAL DISPLAY ADJUSTMENT AND PROGRAMMING OF THE OVEN A sound signal will warn you of each pressure on the key. ADJUSTMENT OF THE CLOCK During the first start up of the oven, the screen will display “1:01”. [. . . ] Com manuals search engine AUTOMATIC DEFROSTING This oven allows the defrosting of meat, poultry, and seafood. Avoid using sprays or corrosive cleaners, they would risk staining, scratching or tarnishing the inside of your oven. To avoid any damage to the functioning elements placed inside the oven, be particularly attentive not to allow any infiltrations of water through the aeration openings. Clean the spatters inside and outside the oven pane by means of a wet rag. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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