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[. . . ] Com manuals search engine   User Manual REFRIGERATOR WITH FREEZER SHELF KS 163 Please read this manual carefully and keep for future reference!Com manuals search engine TABLE OF CONTENT OVERVIEW MEANING OF THE “DUSTBIN” SYMBOL IMPORTANT USE AND SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS General safety precautions Risk of injury Coolant Intended use Unpacking 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Delivery scope Specifications 5 5 5 INSTALLATION Location Power supply 6 6 6 REVERSE THE DOOR OPENING STARTUP/ OPERATION Prior to first use Turning on Storing food Defrosting Operating noise Turning off 7 8 8 8 8/9 9/10 10 10 TIPS FOR SAVING ENERGY MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING Cleaning and care Reverse the bulb Repairs What if . Com manuals search engine OVERVIEW Please read this user manual thoroughly before first time operation. It includes important information with regard to installation, operation and maintenance of the device. [. . . ] Use a screw-driver to remove the screw covers (11) at the device top cover. Put the blind cap (8) of the device top cover (9) at the opposite side. Open the door a little, take the door carefully from the lower door hinge (2). Put the blind cap (7) of the device door at the opposite side and place the door on a padded surface to prevent it from scratches. Unscrew both feet (3) and (4) and remove the lower door hinge (2) by unscrewing the screws (1). Move the hinge (2) to the other side of the device accordingly and fix it with the screws (1). Insert the device door on the hinge pin of the lower door hinge (2) and fix the door to the property position. Attach the upper door hinge (5) by using the screws (6) to the opposite side accordingly. Put the in point 1 removed device top cover on again, tight the screws (10) and clip the screw covers (11) on. Check if the door is arranged vertical as well as horizontal, so that a smooth opening and closing of the door is ensured. Press the spring of the lower bracket up slightly with a small screw-driver and remove the bracket incl. Turn the freezer flap about 180° and press the lower flap bracket into the appropriated fixture of the freezer flap. Lift the freezer flap a little and fix it in the upper door bracket, at the same time you press the lower door bracket in the square hole. Small adjustments to the top and bottom will easily the mounting of the flap. Com manuals search engine STARTUP / OPERATION Prior to first use ATTENTION After transport, the device should be left standing for 4 hours in order for the oil to be collected in the compressor. Nonobservance could cause damage to the compressor and hence result in failure of the device. €¢ Clean the interior of the device including all accessory parts located inside. Connect the device to the mains supply IMPORTANT The device must be earthed properly. For this purpose the plug of the mains cable has been fitted with the intended lead. IMPORTANT Contact an electrician if the plug does not fit in the wall socket. IMPORTANT In case you disconnect the device or in case of power failure: Wait for 5 minutes before restarting the device. Turning on Turn on the device by connecting the plug to a wall socket and turning the temperature control, which is located at the right side of the interior. [. . . ] €¢ Always keep the condenser – metal grid on the rear side (if existing) – clean. €¢ Make sure the door sealing is in good order for the door to close properly. Com manuals search engine MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING Cleaning and care For hygienic reasons, clean the interior and accessory parts regularly. WARNING Always disconnect the plug or turn off/ unscrew the fuse before cleaning. [. . . ]


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