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[. . . ] €CAUTION: • Do not remove any installed parts from inside the oven or anything from the inside of the door!€ The mica sheet is also part of the appliance and must not be removed. Symbols in these Instructions for Use Important information for your safety is specially marked. It is essential to comply with these instructions in order to avoid accidents and prevent damage to the machine:  WARNING: This warns you of dangers to your health and indicates possible injury risks. [. . . ] Edibles / food Quantity Quick Start You wish to heat food or drinks shortly at the highest power setting?The cooking process will start immediately, whereas each time pressing the button will prolong the cooking time by 30 seconds. Soups / sauce Broth, 1 plate 250 g P 100 Soup with solids 250 g P 100 Sauce 250 g P 100 Infant food Milk 100 ml P 50 Mash 200 g P 50 Tip: Thoroughly shake or stir. 5 yes yes yes yes yes yes no no Cooking Hands-on Cooking Tips Follow the guidelines given in the cooking table and recipe. Monitor the cooking process if you do not yet have as much experience. It will only continue operation when the door is closed and the START button pressed again. Refrigerated food needs a longer cooking time than that with room temperature. Meat cut in bigger pieces, for example, requires longer cooking than meat of the same quantity cut into strips. It is recommended cooking larger amounts of food at maximum power and having it simmer at medium power for a more evenly cooking. Lower foodstuffs cook faster than higher ones; therefore distribute the food as low as possible. Place thinner parts such as chicken legs or fish filets in the center or leave them overlapping. The following rule of thumb applies: Double amount = almost double time Half amount = half time If you cannot find the exact cooking time for a dish, you may apply the following rule: Per 100 g approx. 1 minute cooking All foods that you cover on a common stove should be covered in the microwave as well. An upside-down plate, greaseproof paper or microwave cooking foil are all suitable as covers. 7 - 10 13 - 15 6 - 9 6 - 7 6 - 7 8 - 11 13 - 15 yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Heating Warming and heating are special characteristics of microwaves. Refrigerated liquids and foods can be easily warmed up to room or eating temperature without having to use a lot of pots. The heating times in the following table are for reference only, as the time depends very much on the original temperature and the texture of the food. It is therefore recommended to check once in a while whether the food is hot enough. 75 ℓ 750 g P 100 5 - 7 no Tip: Put a glass stick into the container to avoid superheating; stir well before drinking. 5 yes vegetables Goulash with noodles 450 g P 100 2 - 2. Meat Cutlet, breaded 200 g P 100 1 - 2 no Meatballs, 4 pieces 500 g P 100 3 - 4 no Joint 250 g P 100 2 - 3 no Tip: Coat with oil for the breading or crust not to soften. Potatoes 500 g P 80 9 - 12 yes Stem turnip 500 g P 80 8 - 10 yes Leek 500 g P 80 7 - 9 yes Corn on the cob 250 g P 80 7 - 9 yes Carrot 500 g P 80 8 - 10 yes Pepper 500 g P 80 6 - 9 yes Brussels sprouts 300 g P 80 7 - 10 yes Asparagus 300 g P 80 6 - 9 yes Tomatoes 500 g P 80 6 - 7 yes Zucchini 500 g P 80 9 - 10 yes Tip: Cut vegetables into small pieces and cook with 2 - 3 spoons of liquid; stir occasionally. [. . . ] Display Function • If you press the MICRO / GRILL / COMBI. € In disregard to the operation mode, the display will be showing the current time for 2 - 3 seconds when pressing the CLOCK / TIMER button. €CAUTION: • Do not use any wire brush or other abrasive objects. Splashes and overflowing liquids on the walls of the oven can be removed with a damp cloth. [. . . ]


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