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[. . . ] 2019) 12 | Deutsch Symptom Mögliche Ursache Abhilfe Verstopfung entfernen (tragen Sie immer Gartenhandschuhe) Messermutter/-schraube lose Starke Vibrationen/Ge- Messermutter/-schraube lose räusche Messer beschädigt Akku und Ladegerät Symptome Mögliche Ursache Abhilfe Akku korrekt auf Ladegerät setzen Akkukontakte reinigen; z. Explanation of symbols on the garden tool, charger and battery General hazard safety alert. Make sure that bystanders are not injured by foreign objects being thrown away. Switch off and remove isolator switch before adjusting, cleaning and before leaving the product unattended for any period. [. . . ] The correct interpretation of the symbols will help you to use the product in a better and safer manner. The garden product is not intended for hedge cutting, trimming, shredding, etc. Technical Data Lawnmower Article number Rated voltage Bowl diameter Height of cut Capacity, grass bag Weight according to EPTA‑Procedure 01:2014 Serial number Permitted ambient temperature – during charging – during operation – during storage Battery °C °C °C 0 … +45 +5 … +50 -20 … +50 Li-Ion 0 … +45 +5 … +50 -20 … +50 Li-Ion 0 … +45 +5 … +50 -20 … +50 Li-Ion 0 … +45 +5 … +50 -20 … +50 Li-Ion 0 … +45 +5 … +50 -20 … +50 Li-Ion V cm mm l kg Universal Rotak 36-550 Universal Rotak 36-555 Universal Rotak 36-560 Universal Rotak 36-590 Universal Rotak 36-670 3 600 HB9 505 3 600 HB9 508 3 600 HB9 506 3 600 HB9 509 3 600 HB9 507 3 600 HB9 573 3 600 HB9 574 36 38 25 − 70 40 15. 0 see type plate on garden tool Bosch Power Tools 1 609 92A 5BP | (14. 0 V Universal Rotak 36-550 36 Universal Rotak 36-555 36 Universal Rotak 36-560 36 Universal Rotak 36-590 36 Universal Rotak 36-670 36 – 1 607 A35 058 − − − − All values in this manual are measured for usage below or equal to 2000 meters above nominal sea level. Charger Article number EU UK AU KO Charging current Charging period (battery discharged) – Battery with 2. 0 Ah Weight according to EPTA‑Procedure 01:2014 Protection class min min min kg 65 125 185 0. Typically the A-weighted noise levels of the product are: – Sound pressure level – Sound power level – Uncertainty K – Vibration emission value ah – Uncertainty K dB(A) dB(A) dB m/s2 m/s2 76 88 = 2. 2019) Bosch Power Tools English | 19 Mounting and Operation Action Delivery scope A) Observe the notes for disposal of the battery. Figure A B C D E F Page 325 326 327 327 328 329 Inserting/Removing the Battery Note: Using unsuitable batteries can lead to malfunctions or damage the machine. To remove the battery from the machine, press the battery unlocking button and pull the battery out. Mounting the handle Adjusting the working height Grassbox fitting/removing Setting the height of cut Inserting the battery Operation - Inserting the isolator switch - Switching on - Mowing - Switching off - Removing the isolator switch Removing the battery Working advice “mowing” Level indicator, grassbox empty/full Blade maintenance/Blade replacement Selecting accessories Charging Procedure The charging procedure starts as soon as the mains plug of the charger is plugged into a socket outlet and the battery is inserted onto the charger . Due to the intelligent charging method, the charging condition of the battery is automatically detected and the battery is charged with the optimum charging current, depending on battery temperature and voltage. This gives longer life to the battery and always leaves it fully charged when kept in the charger for storage. To ensure full battery capacity, completely charge the battery in the battery charger before using for the first time. The lithium-ion battery can be charged at any time without reducing its service life. The “Electronic Cell Protection (ECP)” protects the lithiumion battery against deep discharging. When the battery is discharged, the machine is switched off by means of a protective circuit: The garden product no longer operates. Do not continue to press the On/Off switch after an automatic shut-off of the machine. 2019) 20 | English When the battery is not within the allowable temperature range, the red battery LED lights up when inserting the battery into the battery charger. No Charging Procedure Possible If a different malfunction of the charging procedure is present, this will be indicated through flashing of the red LED indicator. The charging procedure cannot be started and the battery cannot be charged (see section Troubleshooting). [. . . ] Uk you can order spare parts or arrange the collection of a product in need of servicing or repair. 2019) Transport The contained lithium-ion batteries are subject to the Dangerous Goods Legislation requirements. The batteries are suitable for road-transport by the user without further restrictions. : air transport or forwarding agency), special requirements on packaging and labelling must be observed. [. . . ]


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