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[. . . ] The use of sturdy gloves, non-skid footwear and safety glasses is recommended. Do not wear loose clothing or jewellery which can be caught in moving parts. Thoroughly inspect the area where the hedgecutter is to be used and remove all wires and other foreign objects. prior to operation , check cutter blades , blade bolts and cutter assembly for wear or damage. [. . . ] 09 English - 2 It is recommended for increased electrical safety to use a Residual Current Device (RCD) with a tripping current of not more than 30 mA. For products not sold in GB: WARNING: For safety, it is essential that the mains plug 6 attached to the machine is fitted to the power supply cable 9 as shown. The couplings of connection leads must be protected against splashes and the coupling sockets on the leads must be made of rubber or coated with rubber. The connection lead must be inspected for signs of damage at regular intervals and may only be used if in perfect condition. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by a Bosch Service Centre. Products sold in GB only: Your hedgecutter is fitted with an approved 13 A (BS 1363/A) electric plug and is protected by a 13 A fuse (ASTA Approved to BS 1362). If the fitted plug is not suitable for your socket outlets, it should be cut off and an appropriate plug fitted in its place. The severed plug must be disposed of to avoid a possible shock hazard and should never be inserted into a 13 A socket elsewhere. When cutting, move steadily along the line of cut, so that stems are fed directly into the cutter blades. The double edge of the cutting blade enables cutting to either direction, or with a side to side motion. To keep the sides flat, cutting upwards with the growth is recommended. Younger stems tend to move outwards when cutting them from top to bottom, resulting in shallow patches or holes in the hedge. To reach a level finish, fasten a piece of string along the length of the hedge at the required height and use as an alignment guide. Take care to avoid cutting into objects such as wire, which could cause damage to the cutting blades and the drive. Recommended cutting/trimming times: – Cut hedges with deciduous leaves in June and October. Note: The machine is fitted with a sliding clutch which protect the motor from being damaged should be the blade lock against a solid object. Should the machine lockup switch off immediately and pull mains plug before removing the object from the blade. B C D Tips on Cutting Before any work on the machine itself, pull the mains plug. Note: To ensure long and reliable service, carry out the following maintenance regularly. Check for obvious defects such as loose, dislodged or damaged blade, loose fixings and worn or damaged components. If the hedgecutter should happen to fail despite the care taken in manufacturing and testing, repair should be carried out by an authorized customer service agent for Bosch garden products. For all correspondence and spare parts orders, always include the 10-digit part number (TYP) from the nameplate of the machine! [. . . ] We declare under our sole responsibility, that this product is in conformity with the following standards or standardized documents: EN 774, EN 50 144 according to the provisions of the directives 89/336/EEC, 98/37/EC, 2000/14/EC. 2000/14/EC: The guaranteed sound power level LWA is lower than 98 dB (A) (AHS 400 - 24T / 480 - 24T / 550 - 24ST / 600 - 24ST / 650 - 24ST), 100 dB (A) (AHS 6000/7000 PRO-T). Sluk altid for maskinen og træk stikket ud, før indstillings- og rengøringsarbejde udføres på maskinen, når kablet har viklet sig ind eller er beskadiget og når hækkeklipperen lægges fra - også for et kort stykke tid. Elektrisk sikkerhed Din maskine er for din egen sikkerheds skyld beskyttelsesisoleret og har ikke brug for nogen jordforbindelse. [. . . ]


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