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[. . . ] ==> Risk of suffocation. Proper use Only connect and use the vacuum cleaner in accordance with the specifications on the rating plate. „„ Never vacuum without the dust bag or dust container, motor protection or exhaust filter. „„ Always keep the vacuum cleaner away from your head when using nozzles and tubes. „„ When vacuuming stairs, the appliance must always be positioned below the user. [. . . ] 6 ••Holding the power cord by the plug, pull out to the required length and insert the plug into the mains socket. 7 Switching on and off Fig. 7 ••Press the ON/OFF button in the direction of the arrow to switch your vacuum cleaner on. 17 Initial use 8 Controlling the suction level Fig. 8 Turn the control knob to infinitely adjust the suction level to the level required. delicate upholstery, curtains, etc. „„ Medium power range => For daily vacuuming of lightly soiled floors. High power range => For vacuuming durable floor coverings, hard floors and heavily soiled surfaces. „„ 18 Vacuuming 9 Set the adjustable floor nozzle Fig. 15 ••If the dust bag change indicator in the lid is filled completely yellow when the floor tool is lifted from the floor with the highest power setting selected, the dust bag must be changed, even though it may not yet be full. Even if the dust bag is not full, it may still need changing, due to the type of dust which has been vacuumed.  First check that the nozzle, suction pipe and flexible hose are not blocked, as this would also lead to the dust bag change indicator being triggered. ••The hand grip can easily be detached from the hose to remove blockages. 16 ••Unlock the lid by pulling on the locking lever in the direction of the arrow. 17 ••Close the dust bag by pulling on the locking tab. ••Take out the dust bag. ••Insert a new dust bag. ••Push the dust bag fully into the holder. ! Please note:  he lid will only close if a dust bag t has been inserted. 24 Changing the filter 18 2 Cleaning the motor protection filter The motor protection filter should be cleaned regularly by knocking out the dirt and rinsing. Figure 16 ••Release the motor protection filter from the catch by pulling it sideways, and pull it out in the direction of the arrow. ••Clean the motor protection filter by tapping out the dirt. ••If it is very dirty, the motor protection filter should be rinsed. ••The filter must then be left to dry for at least 24 hours. 1 ••After cleaning, refit the motor protection filter into the appliance, lock it in place and close the dust bag compartment lid. You can order a new filter from our after-sales service using the following replacement part number: 574 727. 25 Changing the filter 19 Replacing the exhaust filter Vacuum cleaner with microhygiene filter This should be replaced with every replacement filter pack Fig. Figure 16 ••Release the filter holder by moving the locking lever in the direction of the arrow. ••Remove the micro-hygiene filter. ••The micro-hygiene filter can be rinsed out. ••The filter must then be left to dry for at least 24 hours. 26 Changing the filter 19 ••Remove the micro-hygiene filter. Insert the new micro-hygiene filter into the appliance. ••Insert the filter holder into the appliance and lock it in place. 27 Changing the filter 20 Vacuum cleaner with (H)EPA filter The (H)EPA filter is designed so that it does not need to be replaced, provided the appliance is used as intended in the household. To ensure that the vacuum cleaner is working at its optimum power level, the (H)EPA filter should be rinsed out after one year. [. . . ] Właściwe postępowanie ze zużytym sprzętem elektrycznym i elektronicznym przyczynia się do uniknięcia szkodliwych dla zdrowia ludzi i środowiska naturalnego konsekwencji, wynikających z obecności składników niebezpiecznych oraz niewłaściwego składowania i przetwarzania takiego sprzętu. Disposal of filters and dust bags  Filters and dust bags are manufactured from environmentally ar friendly materials. Provided they do not contain substances that ‫قباطم هاگتسد نيا‬ are not permitted in household waste, ‫/91/2102 ویئاپورا طباوض‬EU ‫ رد‬of them you can dispose ‫یکينورتکلا یقرب هنهک یاه هاگتسد هراب‬ ((waste electrical with your normal household waste. and electronic equipment - WEEE „„ electrical and electronic equipment - WEEE). Директивою визначаються можливості, які є дійсними у межах Європейського союзу, щодо прийняття назад та утилізації бувших у використанні приладів. ‫. تسا هدش صخشم‬ ‫بوچ راهچ ،تسا ربتعم اپوا رسارس رد هک طباوض نیا‬ ‫یاه هاگتسد تفايزاب و نتفرگ سپزاب هويش یلک‬ ‫. دنک یم نييعت ار هنهک‬ 32 Costumer service GB Great Britain BSH Home Appliances Ltd. [. . . ]


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