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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] This appliance may be used by children over the age of 8 years old and by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or by persons with a lack of experience or knowledge if they are supervised or are instructed by a person responsible for their safety how to use the appliance safely and have understood the associated hazards. Children must not clean the appliance or carry out general maintenance unless they are at least 8 years old and are being supervised. Keep children below the age of 8 years old at a safe distance from the appliance and power cable. This appliance is not intended for operation with an external clock timer or a remote control. [. . . ] This appliance is labelled in accordance with European Directive 2012/19/EU concerning used electrical and electronic appliances (waste electrical and electronic equipment - WEEE). The guideline determines the framework for the return and recycling of used appliances as applicable throughout the EU. Operating modes This appliance can be used in exhaust-air mode or circulatingair mode. Circulating-air mode The air which is drawn in is cleaned by the grease filters and an activated carbon filter and conveyed back into the kitchen. Exhaust air mode The air which is drawn in is cleaned by the grease filters and conveyed to the exterior by a pipe system. Note: The exhaust air must not be conveyed into a functioning smoke or exhaust gas flue or into a shaft which is used to ventilate installation rooms which contain heat-producing appliances. ■ Note: To bind odours in circulating-air mode, you must install an activated carbon filter. The different options for operating the appliance in circulating-air mode can be found in the brochure. The required accessories are available from specialist outlets, from customer service or from the Online Shop. The accessory numbers can be found at the end of the instructions for use. Before conveying the exhaust air into a non-functioning smoke or exhaust gas flue, obtain the consent of the heating engineer responsible. If the exhaust air is conveyed through the outer wall, a telescopic wall box should be used. ■ 5 Operating the appliance These instructions apply to several appliance variants. It is possible that individual features are described which do not apply to your appliance. Note: Switch on the extractor hood when you start cooking and switch it off again several minutes after you have finished cooking. Control panel Setting the fan Note: Always adjust the fan strength to meet current conditions. If there is a large build-up of steam or fumes, select a high fan setting. Press the A button. Note: If the fan is switched on, an LED lights up. Press the 2 or 3 button to set another fan speed. Switching off Press the A button. Lighting Explanation The lighting can be switched on and off independently of the ventilation. Press the 6 button. A 2 3 Switches the fan on/off Switches on fan speed 2 Switches on fan speed 3 Switches the lighting on/off 6 Cleaning and maintenance : Risk of burns! The appliance becomes hot during operation. Follow all instructions and warnings included with the cleaning agents. Area Stainless steel Cleaning agents Hot soapy water: Clean with a dish cloth and dry with a soft cloth. Special stainless steel cleaning products are available from our after-sales service or from specialist retailers. Painted surfaces Hot soapy water: Clean using a damp dish cloth and dry with a soft cloth/towel. Do not use a glass scraper. : Risk of electric shock! Penetrating moisture may result in an electric shock. Before cleaning, pull out the mains plug or switch off the circuit breaker in the fuse box. : Risk of electric shock! Do not use any high-pressure cleaners or steam cleaners, which can result in an electric shock. : Risk of injury! Components inside the appliance may have sharp edges. Wear protective gloves. Cleaning agents Observe the information in the table to ensure that the different surfaces are not damaged by using the wrong type of cleaning agent. [. . . ] We will always find the right solution in order to avoid unnecessary visits from a service technician. When calling us, please give the product number (E no. ) and the production number (FD no. ) so that we can provide you with the correct advice. The rating plate with these numbers can be found inside the appliance (remove the metal mesh grease filter to gain access). You can make a note of the numbers of your appliance and the telephone number of the after-sales service in the space below to save time should it be required. [. . . ]


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