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[. . . ] Specialised companies that are qualified to do so by the manufacturer must carry out service and repairs including repairing and changing the power cord. Otherwise the appliance can be damaged or can cause other damage or injury. The appliance is out of circuit only in that case if the plug is removed from the socket. Before cleaning and maintenance always unplug it (do not get it by the cable). [. . . ] Do not make ice during freezing preferably, because making ice reduces freezing capacity. 63 GB Storing It is practical to replace frozen products into the storing compartments (cages) after freezing has finished so that to make room in the freezing compartment for another freezing. Intermediate freezing does not deteriorate foods already stored. How to save energy The colder the ambient temperature of the appliance is the less energy it uses. Avoid putting the appliance in a sunny place and near anything that gives off heat. Wrap products in tightly closing dishes or cling film to avoid building up unnecessary frost. Avoid products put in the freezer compartment to touch foods already frozen. Do not leave the door open longer than necessary and avoid unnecessary openings. Put warm foods into the appliance only when they are at room temperature. The condenser must be kept clean. How to make ice cubes To make ice cubes fill the enclosed ice cube tray with water and put it to the frozen food compartment. Ready ice cubes can be taken out of the tray under running water then twist or hit it. Some useful information and advice After opening and closing the door of freezer vacuum will rise inside the appliance because of the low temperature. So wait 2-3 minutes after closing the door - if you want to open it again - while inner pressure equalises. Defrosting process can be made quicker by placing a pot or bowl filled with warm water to the cooling plate formed as a shelf. In case of oil or coal-fired stove the distance must be 30 cm since they give off more heat. The refrigerator is designed to operate when it is totally pushed to the wall. When placing the refrigerator keep minimal distances recommended in figure. A: placing it under a wall-cupboard B: placing it freely 68 GB Change of door opening direction Should the setting-up place or handling demand it, door-opening direction can be refitted from righthanded to left-handed. Following operations are to be done on the basis of figures and explanations: Break the circuit of the appliance. Tilt back the appliance carefully being careful so that the compressor cannot touch the floor. It is recommended to ask another person for help, who can keep the appliance at this position safely. with a knife) the covering nails of screws fixing the bottom cover grid, then the cover grid can be removed by unscrewing the plate-screws (2 pieces). Dismount the bottom door holder by removing the screws (2 pieces) and the fill plates (2 pieces). Screw the bottom door holders on the other side being careful that the edge of the door is parallel with the edge of the mantle. Screw the bottom cover grid back using the platescrews (2 pieces), then put the covering nails back. [. . . ] The appliance is guaranteed within the context of and in adherence with the following terms: 1. In accordance with provisions laid down in paragraphs 2 to 15, we will remedy free of charge any defect that occurs within 24 months from the date the appliance is delivered to the first end user. These guarantee terms do not apply in the event of use for professional or equivalent purposes. Performing the guarantee means that the appliance is returned to the condition it was in before the defect occurred. [. . . ]


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