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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Do not knock ice off the sides of the freezer, but remove it by defrosting the freezer. Bottles and cans containing carbonic acid or sparkling drinks are particularly prone to explosion, which may damage the freezer. If the freezer is fitted with a lock to prevent tampering by children, the key must always be kept safely out of the reach of children, and far away from the freezer. Before disposing of an old freezer, make sure that the lock (if present) no longer works. This is to prevent accidents and avoid the danger of children getting locked inside. [. . . ] The red light is illuminated when the temperature in the freezer is higher than the thermostat setting (alarm). "SUPER" The red alarm light can be due to: Insertion of a large amount of fresh food. See under "If something does not work". SWITCHING ON (2) Before switching on, the freezer should be cleaned inside. Allow the freezer to run for several hours before placing food inside. ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS Before switching on, make sure that the voltage of your electricity supply is the same as that indicated on the rating plate, located inside the lid. this appliance complies with the following EC Directives: - 73/23/EEC of 19. Testing has been carried out in accordance with ISO 5155 regarding the determination of freezer capacity, energy consumption and hold-overtime. Information for test institute: A plan of the positioning of test packages may be obtained directly from the manufacturer. FREEZING It is important that fresh food placed in the freezer is frozen quickly, and that the food already in the freezer is heated as little as possible in this connection. If more than 3-4 kg of food is to be frozen: Press the square "Super" button (yellow light comes on). The freezer will now run continuously, creating a sufficient reserve of the temperature required. Press the "Super" button 6-24 hours before placing fresh food in the freezer, depending on how much food is to be frozen. Place the food in the freezer and leave the "Super" button on for about 24 hours more. Divide food into small portions before freezing - this ensures that freezing is more rapid, and means that you only need to defrost the amount needed for immediate consumption. However, dishes which have been made using defrosted food may be frozen. If freezing is too slow, the quality of the food being frozen deteriorates. Consequently, do not freeze larger 7 GB HOW TO CLEAN YOUR FREEZER INSIDE Remove the plug from the mains socket, and remove all loose accessories before cleaning the freezer. The best time to clean your freezer is after defrosting and before the electricity supply is connected again. After cleaning the freezer, clean the basket/baskets before replacing them. IMPORTANT Never use strong cleaning agents, scouring powder or strongly aromatic cleaning agents to clean your freezer inside, since this will damage the inside and leave a strong smell. EXTERNAL CLEANING Wash the outer cabinet with warm soapy water. Do NOT use abrasive products. WHEN NOT IN USE Disconnect the appliance from the electricity supply. Leave the lid slightly open. IF SOMETHING DOES NOT WORK IF YOUR FREEZER DOES NOT FUNCTION SATISFACTORILY Check the following before calling for service staff: Action: Check plug and socket Check fuse, call electrician Wait until current returns Wait a couple of hours Wait a couple of hours Set thermostat colder Defrost freezer Press "Super" button out Set thermostat warmer Re-arrange goods, check that lid closes correctly Move freezer to a room with less moisture, or air regularly Re-pack goods, see under "How to use" Defect: Freezer not cold enough Check if: Green light not on Possible cause: Plug not connected correctly Defect in switch or fuse Power failure Green and red light on Fresh food recently placed in freezer Lid open too long Green light on, red light Thermostat set too warm not on Lot of frost and ice formed Yellow light on "Super" function active Freezer too Yellow light not on Thermostat set too cold cold Lid in contact with goods in freezer Too much frost Lid does not close completely formed Lot of moisture in the Moisture from washing machine, room tumble-dryer, etc. Goods packed poorly Lot of moisture from goods If you are still unable to solve the problem, summon the assistance of authorised service staff. Incorrect procedure may cause personal injury or lead to additional defects. [. . . ] This guarantee relates to you and cannot be transferred to another user. Your new home is within the European Community (EC) or European Free Trade Area The product is installed and used in accordance with our instructions and is only used domestically, i. e. The product is installed taking into account regulations in your new country. Before you move please contact your nearest Customer Care Centre, list below, to give them details of your new home. [. . . ]


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