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[. . . ] any costs for pick up and delivery of the appliance required because of service. LIMITED 2ND-5TH YEAR WARRANTY (Sealed System) LIMITED WARRANTY (Applicable to the State of Alaska) *NORMAL RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE CONSUMER This warranty applies only to products in ordinary household use, and the consumer is responsible for the items listed below. Proper use of the appliance in accordance with instructions provided with the product. Proper installation by an authorized servicer in accordance with instructions provided with the appliance and in accordance with all local plumbing, electrical and/or gas codes. Proper connection to a grounded power supply of sufficient voltage, replacement of blown fuses, repair of loose connections or defects in house wiring. [. . . ] Service calls which do not involve malfunction or defects in workmanship or material, or for appliances not in ordinary household use. Damages caused by services performed by persons other than authorized Frigidaire servicers; use of parts other than Frigidaire Genuine Renewal Parts; obtained from persons other than such servicers; or external causes such as abuse, misuse, inadequate power supply or acts of God. Products with original serial numbers that have been removed or altered and cannot be readily determined. Keep your bill of sale, delivery slip, or some other appropriate payment record. The date on the bill establishes the warranty period should service be required. If service is performed, it is in your best interest to obtain and keep all receipts. Service under this warranty must be obtained by following these steps, in order: 1. Contact Frigidaire Consumer Services or an authorized Frigidaire servicer. If there is a question as to where to obtain service, contact our Consumer Relations Department at: EXCLUSIONS IF YOU NEED SERVICE Frigidaire P. O. Box 212378 Augusta, GA 30917 800-444-4944 Product features or specifications as described or illustrated are subject to change without notice. This warranty applies only in the 50 states of the U. S. A. , Puerto Rico and Canada. 2 Important Safety Instructions R e a d a l l i n s t r u ct i o n s b e f o r e u s i n g t h i s d e h u m i d i f i e r . Press the CONT button to place the unit in continuous dehumidifying mode. 60 3. Pressing the CONT button, the unit will continuously dehumidify at the unit's lowest Relative Humidity (25%). When the sweating and dampness odors have stopped, press the CONT button again and use the HUMIDITY buttons to provide a "dryness" to suit your comfort. 60 4. The High Fan should be selected for faster moisture removal. 52 7. Pressing the ON/OFF button at any time will shut down the unit, and the power indicator will go out. 4 REMOVING COLLECTED WATER 1. When the bucket if full the unit will shut down and the "Water Full" indicator will illuminate. b. When replacing bucket, it must be located correctly for the unit to turn back on automatically. 2. Remove the cap from the rear of the dehumidifier and insert into the collection tray inside the front of the unit above the bucket. Screw the hose attachment supplied into a suitable length garden hose (not supplied). Press the 8" long plastic tube supplied, firmly onto the back of the hose adaptor. Locate the opposite end of the plastic tube onto the rear spigot of the dehumidifier and press firmly into place. [. . . ] Clean bucket using warm water and detergent. 5 Avoid Service Checklist O CCU R R E N CE D E H U M I D I FI E R D O E S N O T O P E R A T E . Before calling for service, review this list. This list includes common occurrences that are not the result of defective workmanship or materials in this appliance. S O LU T I O N Plug is disconnected from outlet. Dehumidifier automatically shuts off when selected amount of moisture has been removed from the air. If you want to remove more moisture, turn the Humidistat Control to MAX. DRY. [. . . ]


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