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[. . . ] Operational Limitations: Minimum Air Temp (IMS) Air Temp (CU) Water Temp Water Pressure Voltage (IMS) Voltage (CU) 50oF -20oF. 20 psi 104 198 o Do Not operate the machine in conditions beyond these limitations. Scotsman ice systems are designed and manufactured with the highest regard for safety and performance. Scotsman assumes no liability of responsibility of any kind for products manufactured by Scotsman that have been altered in any way, including the use of any part and/or other components not specifically approved by Scotsman. [. . . ] Cycle Definitions: Freeze: The refrigeration system is operating to remove heat from the evaporators. Harvest: The refrigeration system and water system are operating to harvest the ice and rinse the reservoir. The compressor is on for the full cycle, the pump is off and then on, the purge valve is open and then closed, the inlet water valve is closed, opens and recluses. The vapor and condenser by-pass valves are open during the entire harvest cycle. A manually initiated rinse flushes the system. 8 9 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 PUSH BUTTON CONTROL SWITCHES INDICATOR LIGHTS: BIN FULL FREEZE HARVEST CLEAN OFF DIAGNOSTIC LIGHTS: WATER REFRIGERATION Controller Lights and Push Buttons April 2002 Page 27 Eclipseä 600, 800, 1000 Initial Start Up Pre Start A soak-out period of four hours is optional for this system. If desired, powering the compressor unit for four hours prior to start up allows the crankcase heater to warm up the oil in the compressor. Connect power to the condensing unit and move its toggle switch to Run or On. Observe the lights on the controller: After a few minutes ice will begin to form on the evaporators. When enough ice has formed to nearly empty the water reservoir, the controller will refill the reservoir. The next time the water level drops that far, the ice is ready for release and the Controller will initiate a Harvest cycle. ·The Freeze light goes out and the Harvest light switches on. opens. ·The vapor inlet valve in the ice making section ·In the CP unit, the condenser by-pass valve opens and the liquid inlet valve closes ·All flash on as the power supply is reconnected. Examine the next section to become familiar with the AutoIQ Controller before beginning. If the machine is on, push and hold the OFF button for more than 3 seconds, then release it. Push and hold the OFF button for more than 3 seconds (just until all lights flash on) then release it. They should have all flashed once, then certain ones will have turned on to indicate which purge level the machine is set at. There are 5 levels of purge available: Cube Size: Cube size is fixed and cannot be adjusted. Thermostatic Expansion Valve: The TXVs are not adjustable, do not attempt to adjust any of them. If there was a problem during Initial Start Up: If an error light came on, check the following. A water error could have been determined by the AutoIQ Controller if the inlet water valve does not fill the reservoir, or if the water pump does not start and lower the water level. A refrigeration error could have been determined by the AutoIQ Controller if the water temperature did not drop during the freeze cycle. The controller will next check the compressor discharge temperature, If the discharge temperature is too low, the refrigerant error light will be switched on, and the machine will Shut Down. Note: Reset and restart the machine by pushing and releasing the Off push button switch, and then pushing and releasing the freeze push button switch. ·1. [. . . ] Immediately after that the program code will be displayed for 20 seconds or until a button is pushed. Switch the unit OFF by holding the OFF button for longer than 3 seconds. Hold the Off button down again until the Purge Setting indicators (Green Lights) are on. The last error code stored in the controller will be displayed and the purge setting will disappear. [. . . ]


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