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[. . . ] When ice is needed, a motor rotates a stainless steel vane inside the storage bin and sweeps the ice into the spout. Table of Contents Specifications: . Page 10 Refrigeration System Operation Mechanical Operation Electrical Sequence . Page 15 Dispense Area Sanitation Auger and Bearing Inspection Service Diagnosis Inspection: Auger . Page 30 A Parts List and Wiring Diagram are located in the center of this manual, on yellow paper. February 1995 Page 1 KAD 62V40/03 Specifications: The standard finish for this machine is painted enamel. [. . . ] Start up consists of: · The compressor contactor coil receives power from the circuit board. · The contactor is energized, connecting power to the compressor, and the compressor starts. · The auger motor receives power from the circuit board and starts. · As ice goes past the ice level sensors, the bin empty light will stay on and the machine will continue to run, unless the ice stays between the sensors for more than 15 seconds (bin full). At that point, the bin empty light goes out, and the machine shuts down. Other reasons for shut down: · Low water level (as sensed by the thermistor in the reservoir). · Excessive auger motor amp draw, measured by the circuit board. · If the auger motor amp draw becomes excessive twice in an hour, the auger motor is shut down and the circuit board must be manually reset. If this condition occurs it means that the drive train is in need of cleaning. Shut Down consists of: · The compressor contactor opens · The compressor stops · The auger motor is run by the circuit board for 2 more minutes, clearing out ice in the evaporator, and then · The auger motor no longer receives power from the circuit board, and the auger motor stops. After a 6 minute delay, If the ice level sensor is clear (bin empty) for more than 15 seconds, the machine will start up again. · Push and release the Cleaning Switch located to the left of the ice spout. This disables the Touch Free Sensor so the splash panel may be cleaned without vending ice or water. · Re-push the clean switch or allow 2 minutes to pass for the Touch Free system to reset. Push Touch Free Sensor Disable Button Before Wiping Splash Panel Pour Hot Water Into Sink Regularly To Keep Drain Line Open February 1995 Page 16 KAD 62V40/03 Auger and Bearing Inspection While in most areas regular in-place cleaning with Scotsman Ice Machine Cleaner will be adequate to keep the interior of the evaporator free of excessive mineral build up, some water conditions may require more intense methods. In addition, the auger bearings require physical inspection to determine that they are not wearing. This physical inspection is recommended twice per year for the top bearing and once per year for the auger and both bearings. Whenever the auger is removed, replacement of the water seal is recommended. If a bearing requires replacement, the other bearing must also be replaced. Use threaded rod or a slide hammer puller and screw into the auger, slide the weight quickly up against the stop to remove the auger. See Bearing Removal and Replacement. Adapter Stand Water Seal Coupling Bottom Bearing Breaker Screws Snap Ring Auger & Bearings Cap Cap Screw Washer Top Bearing Set Breaker Auger February 1995 Page 17 KAD 62V40/03 Inspection: Auger The auger is made of stainless steel. It has a polished surface that may be either shinny or dull, but must be smooth. If mineral scale is found on the auger's surface, clean off the auger with ice machine cleaner and a scrubbing pad. [. . . ] The time that the refrigeration system is open to the air must not exceed 15 minutes. The oil will rapidly absorb moisture from the air, and the contact time must be kept to a minimum. A special or very sensitive electronic leak detector will be needed to locate refrigerant leaks. The access valves must be in the closed position before the hose caps are removed. [. . . ]


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