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[. . . ] Some of the valves are not carbonated; they may be changed to carbonated if desired. Power to operate the valves may be shut off by a key switch. * * Premix is not electrically powered. The RS requires additional equipment to be functional: An ice machine or source of sanitary ice; a carbonator for post mix (and potable water); a syrup delivery system, either pressurized syrup cans or bag-in-a-box; and CO2. Flaked or Nugget ice will not work. RS160 SHOWN, KAD 62V40/06 SIMILAR BUT 30" WIDE Base Width Model RS160 22" KAD 62V40/06 30" Rotor motor is 1/10 HP. Total Ice Storage Capacity 160 lb. [. . . ] SODA VALVES 6 WATER SUPPLY 5 4 3 2 1 Non Carb Carbonated CO2 SUPPLY CARBONATOR TANK COLD PLATE SODA SYSTEM SCHEMATIC: 6 Valve Units CC W W 1 2 3 4 5 6 June 1995 Page 9 SYRUP TANKS RS160 and KAD 62V40/06 Carb. SODA VALVES 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Non Carb Carbonated CO2 SUPPLY WATER SUPPLY RS160 and KAD 62V40/06 CARBONATOR TANK COLD PLATE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 W WW C C SODA SYSTEM SCHEMATIC: 8 Valve Units June 1995 Page 10 SYRUP TANKS RS160 and KAD 62V40/06 HOW IT WORKS The ice is stored in a hopper, and the hopper is sloped towards the front of the dispenser. At the front there is an angled rotor, when that rotor turns it scoops ice up, lifts it to the top of the ice chute and drops it through that chute into the user's container. At the base of the hopper is a cold plate (a block of aluminum with several circuits of stainless steel tubing molded within it). Ice in the hopper is in contact with the cold plate and causes the beverages within the tubing to become chilled. The ice in direct contact with the cold plate is not dispensed. Cut Away View Ice Ice Sweep Rotor Ice On Cold Plate Door Upper Ice Chute Ice Chute Cold Plate June 1995 Page 11 RS160 and KAD 62V40/06 INITIAL START UP 1. OPERATING CONTROLS - Units have either levers or push buttons Levers: Dispensing valve levers, located below the dispensing valves, need only to be pressed with a cup or glass to dispense product. Ice: Ice will continue to be dispensed for as long as the lever is held in, or until the hopper is empty. Push Buttons: On the front of each valve will be a button, that when pushed, will activate the valve. Ice: When the ice dispense button is pushed, ice will be dispensed for as long as the button is held in or until the hopper is empty. General Information Dispensing Soda: To minimize foaming, a cup, 1/3 full of ice, should be filled at an angle so that the product runs down the inside wall of the cup, until the cup is nearly full. Place full syrup tank in position, then connect CO2 disconnect and syrup disconnect to full syrup tank. Contact beverage supplier to have soda circuit sanitized. June 1995 Page 15 RS160 and KAD 62V40/06 CLEANING AND SANITIZING The drip tray, grill and splash panel area should be cleaned daily. Use mild soap, hot water, and a clean cloth to wash drip tray and splash panel; rinse with hot water, allowing plenty of hot water to run down the drain. Rinse out the sponge with clean water, wring excess water out of the sponge, and wipe off external surfaces of the unit. CORNELIUS VALVE Weekly: Clean valve nozzles & diffusers: Looking down from the top of the unit, turn the nozzle clockwise about 1/8 turn; pull down to remove it. BOOTH VALVE Pour Hot Water Down Sink Every Day Diffuser or Baffle Nozzle DOLE VALVE June 1995 Page 16 RS160 and KAD 62V40/06 CLEANING AND SANITIZING Monthly/Initial Start Up: Sanitize the Ice Storage System. Unplug the Refreshment Stand's electrical cord from the electrical power. Using a clean cloth or sponge, wipe all interior surfaces of the ice storage hopper with the sanitizing solution, allow to air dry. Wipe all surfaces of the rotor with the sanitizing solution, and allow to air dry. Ice hopper contains parts that can move at any time and will cause injury if hands are in the way. Do not remove cover until the unit has been unplugged from electrical power. [. . . ] Replenish syrup supply as needed. Water to syrup ratio too low or too high Adjustment of dispensing valve syrup flow regulator does not increase to desired water to syrup ratio 4. CO2 gas pressure to syrup tanks insufficient to propel syrup out of the tank 1. Dispensing valve syrup tank quick disconnect, or syrup line restricted. Carbonator primary CO2 regulator out of adjustment for existing water conditions or temperature 2. [. . . ]


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