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[. . . ] 31 Parts lists and wiring diagrams are in the center of this manual, printed on yellow paper. This manual was printed on recycled paper. Keep it for future reference. Note these symbols when they appear. They mark a section that concerns potential hazards. August 1993 Page 1 KAD 62V40/08 FOR THE INSTALLER Installation Limitations: This ice system is designed to be installed indoors, in a controlled environment: Min. Air Temperature 500F 1000F Water Temperature 400F 1000F Water Pressure 20 PSI 80 PSI Voltage 104 126 (Compared to the nameplate) Operating the machine outside of the limitations is misuse and can void the warranty. [. . . ] At least twice a year, the probe should be removed from the reservoir, and the tip wiped clean of mineral build-up. PULL UP TO REMOVE PROBE ICE LEVEL SENSORS: SLIDE UP TO REMOVE RESERVOIR CLEAN THE LIGHT SENSORS CLEAN THE WATER LEVEL PROBE /////////////////////////////////////////// CAUTION: THE TIP IS MADE OF GLASS ////////////////////////////////////////// Inspect the assembly, looking for wear. The bearing in the breaker should also be checked at least two times per year. Moving Parts Hazard. Check the bearing by: · removing the ice chute cover · unscrewing the ice sweep · removing the water shed · unscrewing the breaker cover. · unscrewing the auger stud June 1994 Page 16 BREAKER COVER KAD 62V40/08 MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING: Auger Moving Parts Hazard. Clean the air cooled condenser: Use a vacuum cleaner or coil cleaner if needed. Clean the condenser: the condenser may appear to be clean on the surface, but it can still be clogged internally. Check with a flash light from the front to see if light can be seen though the condenser fins. In some areas, the water supply to the ice maker will contain a high concentration of minerals, and that will result in an evaporator and auger becoming coated with these minerals, requiring a more frequent removal than twice per year. If in doubt about the condition of the evaporator and auger, the auger can be removed so the parts can be inspected. Note: Water filters can filter out suspended solids, but not dissolved solids. For more information on removal of these parts, see REMOVAL AND REPLACEMENT. ALLEN SCREWS BREAKER & BEARING & AUGER ASSEMBLY 1. If no power to it: Check: The indicator lights on the circuit board, the bin empty light should be ON, the no water light should be OFF . If the line side has the correct voltage and the load side does not, replace the transformer. If the transformer is good, and the bin empty light is OFF, check the ice level sensors. Look through the ice chute "eye" hole for something blocking the ice chute. Unplug "opto trans" and "LED" connectors from the circuit board. Plug "opto trans" and "LED" connectors from the Scotsman Electronic Control Tester Model NM1 into the circuit board. Move the "bin full" switch on the tester to the full position. The bin full light on the tester should be ON, if not, replace the circuit board. If the bin full light on the tester is ON, move the tester switch to "bin empty" the light on the tester should go OFF and the bin empty light on the circuit board should go ON. If it does as above, and the machine still does not run, replace the ice level sensors. If the transformer is fine, and the "no water" light is ON, check the water level sensor. [. . . ] The valve must be closed and the caps must be on or the valve will leak. . August 1993 Page 29 KAD 62V40/08 REFRIGERATION SERVICE Recover, reclaim or recycle refrigerant. Any Work on the refrigeration system should only be refrigerant placed into a Scotsman ice machine done when it is certain that the system needs must meet ARI spec 700-88. · Refrain from checking refrigeration Access Valves: To use the access valves: pressures without reason. [. . . ]


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