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[. . . ] Complete and mail the Product Registration Card or register online at www. U-LineService. com. Once your unit is installed, keep the User Manual and this Installation Guide in a safe place for future reference. Black and White units have a reversible door with a slightly contoured handle across the top. They come with a flush mounted door panel that, when removed, will accept a custom 1/4-inch thick door panel or a 3/4-inch thick full overlay door panel. [. . . ] However, 1/4-inch space needs to be maintained between the units to ensure unobstructed door swing. · Units must operate from separate, properly grounded electrical receptacles placed according to each unit's Electrical Specifications. Typical Side-By-Side Cut-Out 4 Prepare and Install Door Panel (Black and White Units Only) Two types of custom door panels can be installed on your Black or White unit to harmonize with or accent the surrounding décor: a Custom 1/4" Insert or a Full Overlay. If no custom door panel is used, go on to 5 Adjust Door. Custom 1/4'' Door Panel Insert Door Panel Preparation A custom door panel can be inserted into the doorframe. Custom door panels can be flat or raised, as long as the maximum panel thickness where inserted into the door reveal (channel) is 1/4"-thick. For raised panels, the depth of the reveal is 1/4" on all four sides. IMPORTANT Raised panels will reduce the door's 90° swing/zero clearance if the unit is installed next to a wall or similar type of structure (see Page 5). Custom 1/4" Dimensions: Width: Height: 14-1/32" 28-5/32" The door panel must not weigh more than 20 lbs. Door Panel Installation Install the insert as follows: 23-11/16" CAUTION Use care when handling the insert. Remove top hinge screw pin (7/64" Allen wrench or Phillips screwdriver, depending on your unit's construction, see Figure 12). Remove door by tilting forward and lifting off bottom hinge pin. 34-1/4" to 35-1/8" 7" 1/4" Space Between Appliances 1" Figure 11 02/2005 7 www. U-LineService. com BI2015 -- Ice Maker TM Full Overlay Door Panel Door Panel Preparation A full overlay door panel completely covers the doorframe and handle to give a built-in appearance. See your U-Line dealer for the optional Full Overlay Door Panel Kit (P/N U-OL2015B -- Black or P/N U-OL2015W -- White). Appropriate hardware, Modified Handle, Replacement Hinges and a copy of these instructions will be included in the kit. Remove top hinge screw pin (7/64" hex key or Phillips screwdriver, depending on your unit's construction). Replace the two-piece Modified Handle assembly and secure with the two screws removed in Step 5 under Removing Existing Door. Starting at the corners and working toward the center, push the door gasket back into place. Remove the existing hinges from the unit, saving the door closure assembly. Install the new Replacement Top Hinge onto the unit (see Figure 24). Door Closure Top Door Closure Bottom Boss Existing Door Boss #8-32 x 1/2" Flat Head Screw Three Places Wood Panel Bottom Hinge Plate (5/8" Longer than Existing Bottom Hinge Plate) Pivot Post Figure 25 IMPORTANT Pivot posts must be cleaned. Position door and install the pivot post into the top hinge (using the 7/64" hex key or Phillips screwdriver). Go on to 5 Adjust Door. 02/2005 11 www. U-LineService. com BI2015 -- Ice Maker TM 5 Adjust Door Checking Door Alignment The unit's door is aligned at the factory before shipment. However, its alignment could have been disturbed during shipment or during door panel installation. Slotted Mounting Holes Notch IMPORTANT Properly aligned, the door should be 1/8" below the top of the unit's cabinet, NOT flush with the top (see Figure 26). Raise Outside Door Edge Lower Outside Door Edge Figure 28 1/8" Figure 26 1. If the door edge is 1/8" below and parallel to the top of the cabinet, go on to 6 Prepare Plumbing. If it is not, note whether the side opposite the hinge needs to be moved UP or DOWN, and use the following procedure. Note: If door is adjusted correctly, but panel is not square with the adjacent cabinets, slight adjustments can be made by drilling the holes in the vinyl coated steel panel slightly oversized. If the top far edge of the door needs to move UP, move the hinge plate toward the outside of the door and retighten screws. [. . . ] The unit requires a grounded and polarized 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 15A power supply (normal household current). An individual, properly grounded branch circuit or circuit breaker is recommended. GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) is usually not required for fixed location appliances and is not recommended for your unit because a GFCI could be prone to nuisance tripping. See Figure 33 for recommended receptacle location. Leveling Information IMPORTANT It is extremely important that the unit is level. [. . . ]


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