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[. . . ] · This unit requires connection to a grounded (threeprong), polarized receptacle that has been placed by a qualified electrician in accordance with applicable electrical codes. Safety Alert Definitions Safety items throughout this guide are labeled with a Danger, Warning or Caution based on the risk type: DANGER Danger means that failure to follow this safety statement will result in severe personal injury or death. WARNING Warning means that failure to follow this safety statement could result in serious personal injury, or death. CAUTION Caution means that failure to follow this safety statement may result in minor or moderate personal injury, property or equipment damage. www. U-LineService. com 2 08/2006 CLR2160 -- Clear Ice Maker General Precautions Use this appliance for its intended purpose only and follow these general precautions along with those listed throughout this guide: 2 Inspect and Plan You have received a carton containing your CLR2160 Clear Ice Maker with a package inside containing a Use and Care Guide, a Product Registration Card and water connection parts. Complete and mail the Product Registration Card or register online at www. U-LineService. com. Once your unit is installed, keep the Use and Care Guide and this Installation Guide in a safe place for future reference. Black and White units have a reversible door with a slightly contoured handle across the top. [. . . ] Remove tape adjoining the panels and enlarge the six holes in the steel (black/white vinyl color) panel using a 0. 201" (#7) drill. If a user-supplied cabinet handle will be used, attach its hardware to the overlay panel at this time. CAUTION It is important to ensure that all drilled holes are drilled to the correct depth in order to avoid splits in the wood when hardware is installed. 08/2006 9 www. U-LineService. com CLR2160 -- Clear Ice Maker Removed Door Panel Typical Wood Panel Door Panel Back of Wood Panel 1-3/4" Top Tape Side of Wood Panel #10 x 5/8" Round Head Screw Seven Required Top of Wood Panel 3/8" Both Sides Figure 19 Figure 21 Plastic Spacer Seven Required 2-5/8" ± 1/4" 4. Remove the existing bottom pivot plate and replace with the Full Overlay pivot plate (see Figure 22). Existing Door Drill ø 5/32" x 3/8" Deep 7 Places Model 2175 6 places Model 2115 and CLR2160 For use with #10 x 5/8" Wood Screw and Nylon Spacer 15-9/16" ± 1/4" Existing Bottom Pivot Plate (Remove and Discard) Wood Panel Bottom Pivot Plate (5/8" Longer Than Existing Bottom Pivot Plate, Flush Side Facing Out) #8-32 x 3/8" SEMS Hex Screw Two Places Figure 22 28-7/8" ± 1/4" IMPORTANT Door panel and overlay panel must be aligned properly or the door will not operate correctly. Assembling the Door 1" 11-7/8±1/32 For use on Model 2175 Only 1" ULIN_0402_A 1. Install the assembled panel by sliding the original door panel back into the door frame. Replace the Overlay Handle and secure with the two screws removed in Step 4 under Removing Existing Door. Attach Overlay cap to door, opposite side of where hinges will be (see Figure 23). Overlay Cap Figure 20 3. Attach the door panel to the overlay panel using #10 x 5/8" wood screws and nylon spacers. The nylon spacers fit between the overlay panel and the door panel as shown in Figure 21. The spacers allow the original door panel to slide back into the 1/4"-thick door reveal (channel). 3/4" Wood Panel Replacement Handle Figure 23 www. U-LineService. com 10 08/2006 CLR2160 -- Clear Ice Maker 4. Use the two #8-32 x 1/2" Flat Head Phillips screws (Black) supplied with kit (see Figure 24). #8-32 x 1/2" Flat Head Screws Black, Two Places 3/4" Wood Overlay Top Pivot Plate Screw to attach Handle Removed in step 4 Door Closure Top Boss Existing Door Door Closure Bottom Boss Pivot Post #8-32 x 1/2" Flat Head Screw Three Places Wood Panel Bottom Hinge Plate (5/8" Longer than Existing Bottom Hinge Plate) Figure 24 Figure 26 5. The CLR2160 can be installed using a Gravity Drain, a Factory-Installed Drain Pump (U-Line P60) or a LocallyInstalled (U-Line P60) Drain Pump. The floor drain must be large enough to accommodate drainage from all attached drains. Follow these guidelines when installing drain lines to prevent water from flowing back into the ice maker storage bin and/or potentially flowing onto the floor, causing water damage: Waste Figure 32 If using a Gravity Drain: 1. Attach the 5/8-inch ID drain connection on the back of the unit to a 5/8-inch OD rigid tube, using a worm clamp. Attach the other end of the rigid tube to your 5/8-inch ID drain line with a worm clamp. Go on to Water Supply Connection. Gravity Drain A Gravity Drain may be used if: · Drain line has at least a 1-inch drop per 48 inches of run (1/4 inch per foot). · Drain line does not create traps or created traps are vented (see Figure 31). Factory-Installed Drain Pump If your drain line will run up to a stand pipe, disposal assembly or spigot assembly or does not otherwise meet the requirements for a Gravity Drain, you may have ordered the CLR2160 with a U-Line P60 Drain Pump. See Figures 33, 34 and 35 for typical installations requiring a Drain Pump. If you need to install a P60 Drain Pump into your unit, see Locally-Installed Drain Pump on Page 15. Stand Pipe Normal Proper Drain With Trap Poor Drainage, Water Will Back Up Waste Shut-Off Valve Hot Water Cold Water With Trap and Vent Proper Drain Figure 31 See Figure 32 for a typical Gravity Drain installation. Waste Figure 33 08/2006 13 www. U-LineService. com CLR2160 -- Clear Ice Maker Spigot Assembly Air Gap (Optional Hook-Up) To check and test hose connections: 1. Carefully push the power cord grommet through the hole in the back panel (see Figure 36). Waste Shut-Off Valve Hot Water Cold Water Back Panel Screws Drain Fitting Water Connection Figure 34 Grommet Power Cord Disposer Assembly Air Gap (Optional Hook-Up) Figure 36 3. Remove 12 screws and back panel. WARNING Waste Hot Water Cold Water Shut-Off Valve Back panel serves as a guard. [. . . ] The unit's top surface should be approximately 1/8" below the countertop. Test the drain system by pouring one gallon of water into the ice bin. The water should drain freely and there should be no leakage. Q: Problem Water is leaking under the unit. A: Solution A water leak under the unit is most likely caused by a bad connection in the water supply line. Make sure the water line's brass fitting is screwed tight to its valve and threaded correctly. [. . . ]


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