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[. . . ] · Do not install the unit behind closed doors or in any way that would obstruct airflow to the front grille, which may cause the unit to malfunction. Tools/Materials Required · Screwdrivers -- slotted and Phillips head · 1/4-inch OD copper tubing and shut-off valve for water supply line · 1/4-inch thick door panel material and cutting tools (item only needed if 1/4-inch panel will be used) Inspection Unwrap and inspect the unit on a flat, level surface capable of supporting its entire weight. Exterior Cleaning (As Required) Black and White Models: Black and white surfaces may be cleaned with a mild detergent and warm water solution. Wipe with a soft, clean towel to prevent water spotting. 02/2005 3 www. U-LineService. com WH95TP, BI95BTP and BCM95 Ice Makers 3 Prepare Site Your U-Line product has been designed for built-in installation. When built-in, your unit does not require additional air space for top, sides or rear. However, the front grille must NOT be obstructed and clearance is required for water and electrical connections in the rear. [. . . ] Remove plastic travel pin from door handle and relocate on opposite side. See Figure 10. Bushing Figure 9 Figure 5 Figure 6 Travel Pin Hole Hinge 4. Note that there may be a nut behind one or both screws on either side. Travel Pin Hole Screw Right Side Door Swing Right Side Hinge Invert Screw Invert Hinge Left Side Door Swing Figure 10 8. Remove pivot screw from top hinge, invert screw and reinstall pivot screw in top hinge. See Figure 10. 02/2005 5 www. U-LineService. com WH95TP, BI95BTP and BCM95 Ice Makers Other Site Requirements Power Supply The unit requires a grounded and polarized 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 15A circuit (normal household current) or 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz. See Electrical Specifications on Page 9. Water Supply The unit requires a 1/4-inch OD water supply line and a shut-off valve. For more information see Page 8. Environmental Requirements Figure 11 Figure 12 The surrounding air temperature must be at least 45°F (7°C) but must not exceed 110°F (40°C). The unit must not be located near heat-generating equipment or in direct sunlight. 9. Gently slide upper hinge through flange and fasten upper hinge to unit (three screws). Align door pivot hole with pivot hole in upper hinge and insert pivot screw into upper hinge and tighten securely. Gently slide travel pin assembly through flange and then fasten Figure 13 to unit. However, make certain that the tubing is not pinched or damaged during installation. Install the 1/4 inch OD copper water line from the main water source. Adjusting Door Alignment 1. Make sure gasket is firmly in contact with cabinet all the way around the door (no gaps). Figure 17 www. U-LineService. com 8 02/2005 WH95TP, BI95BTP and BCM95 Ice Makers 7 Prepare Power Supply Electrical Specifications CAUTION Electrical installation must observe all state and local codes. Use a level to check the levelness of the unit from front to back and from side to side. Level should be placed along top edge and side edge as shown (see Figure 22). Go on to 9 Install the Unit. Installation of the WH95TP, BI95BTP or BCM95 1. Be careful not to kink the water supply line or entangle the electrical cord. The unit's top surface should be approximately 1/8" below the countertop. Secure the flange to the frame structure using the four holes in the flange. The type of fasteners will depend on the structure you are mounting the flange to. Grille Installation Check Level 1. [. . . ] As soon as the ice maker mold reaches the proper temperature, the ice maker mechanism will fill the mold with water. The ice maker will continue to produce until the bin is Figure 25 full. You may interrupt production by raising the bin arm into an upright and locked position (see Figure 25). While the bin arm is locked, the unit will maintain temperature for ice storage. Hook-Hinge Unit Base Front Lip Figure 24 4. [. . . ]


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