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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] - The refrigerator is stuffy inside. Door attachment The water result from frost thaws floods in the refrigerator. - The drainage outlet is blocked. If it still does not work with above causes, please ask help from the appointed repair station with The Repair Guarantee Card, or call the BOSCH Technical Service Center. 15 2 TROUBLE SHOOTING The front or side wall grows hot - For the sake of restraining water steam condensing on the unit frame, the frame is embedded with dew proof pipe that will heat during the unit operation. - In both sides of the refrigerator was fitted with devices to drive off heat (condenser). SAFETY NOTES Cautions: If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its service agent or a smililar qualified person in order to avoid hazard. The power cut-off should not be reconnected within 5 minutes to prevent the compressor being damaged. Ice crack sound. - While refrigeratory starting to run or stopping, temporary ice crack sound may be heared because the inner mechanisms occured inordinate heat expansionthe or cold shrink caused by severe temperature change, which is not a failure. Never use the combustible sprays like lacquer and paint near the machine for those will cause blasting hazard. Don't let children play with or hang on the unit as this will damage the unit or hurt children. Bicker is heard. - It's the sound arising from refrigeration agent when it flows. [. . . ] Cut off the power and call the local service center. Dew appears on the inner bottom and frame. - The environment is too moist. - Not a trouble, just wipe it by cloth. Damaged power cord should be replaced by the manufacturer representatives or the personnel with same qualification. Do not splash the water to the unit back as this will impair the insulation. Dew is found in the fruit and vegetable room. - It occurs when the door is open for a long time. In case of discard the refrigeratory, please discard the door seal at first. 14 3 SAFETY NOTES NOTES DISMOUNT METHOD OF ATTACHMENT Attachment application Refrigerator shelf Lift the shelf head and pull it out. (Position the shelf as per the container height) Please refer to product's model and No. while contrasting each other; Before power supply connected, please make sure the matching between refrigeratory's voltage range and supplied voltage. The optional voltage range is from 220V to 240V; if power supply not meeting the requirement, then the auto-transformer with minimum 500 W output power should be used. In case of power supply shutdown, wait for 5 minutes or longer interval for running again lest compressor damaged. Do not place food near temperature sensor lest negative effects to correct display of temperature sensor; In hot seasons, avoid to keep door open long time or to open and close frequently, otherwise the efficiency of total set shall be weakened, and the running load shall also be increased. If necessary to make it incline, the gradient between cabinet and ground should be less than 45 degree; Do not move it by holding door handle; or to pull or draw the door handle forcibly; If abundant hot items placed in at one time, keeping it open long time or opening frequently, the cabinet temperature shall be increased, and temperature display also flashes. The appliance must be installed so that the plug is easily accessible . WARNING Fruit Box Cover To raise up the rear portion, then take it out. Freezer tray Draw out it till the block, lift the shelf rear and pull it out. In case of heavy food stuff preserved in the drawer, hold drawer up slightly and pull it back. Keep ventilation openings, in the appliance enclosure or in the build-in structure, clear of obstruction. In case of first time power supplied, the refrigerator starts to run automatically in the mode of"Standard" ; upon "Standard/Vacation" Button pressed down, the running modes shall skip repeated along the cycle of "Standard ", "Vacation" and "User setting". In case of not user setting, the running modes shall be selected by the turn of "Standard " and "Vacation" when the "Standard/Vacation" Button was pressed. Please do not put the goods near the temperature sensor to ensure the correct indication of temperature. Store foods in smaller portions. Dry the fruits and vegetables for storage after washing. 2. Press down the "Fridge" Button and you will hear "Ringing". The indicator displays the current setting of refrigerator temperature. Press the button again to change the setting of refrigerator temperature. Each pressing will make temperature setting display as following steps 5 4 3 2 1 9 8 7 6 5. Pressing down the temperature button every time will make a "Ringing" sound; 2-4. The setting value shall be confirmed once stopping pressing 5 seconds. There was no refrigerator temperature indication in the mode of "Vacation ". 6 Fruits and vegetables shall be placed in the fruit and vegetable room to retain their water content and freshness. C C NOTE The tropic fruit, such as bananas and pineapples, were not suitable to preserve in the refrigerator; Do not store the items with rigorous temperature requirements, such as blood serum, bacterin, academic data and so on. 11 FIRST POWER SUPPLY & TEMPERATURE ADJUSTMENT CONTROL PANEL INTRODUCTION 3. The temperature of "Super Cool" and "Super Freeze" can be set in the mode of "Super Cool", but actually it will run after exitting the "Super Freeze "Mode. 6. [. . . ] The temperature of "Super Cool" and "Super Freeze" can be set in the mode of "Super Cool", but actually it will run after exitting the "Super Freeze "Mode. 6. Failure Alarm Function 6-1. To call professional personnel for repair in case of following problems occured. " or " ", it shows that the 6-2. The temperature indication displays as " ", " " " refrigerator works in trouble; till repair, it will run as time setting of starting and stopping. 10 7 CONTROL PANEL INTRODUCTION (RL33EA*, RL33EB*) 7. Lock Function 7-1 After setting and 2 minutes passed, it entered the automatical lock status; 7-2 The lock indication shows that, upon button pressed, there were no pressing sound or relative responses. [. . . ]


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