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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] · May cause fire or electric shock. Do not store a volatile and inflammable substance in the refrigerator. · Storage of benzene, thinner, alcohol, ether, LP gas, etc. , may cause explosion. 2 WARNING Do not put a container filled with water on the product. · If water poured, it cause bad insulation of the electric parts which may lead to fire or electric shock. Do not install the refrigerator in the wet place or the place which water splashes. [. . . ] (Please refer to page 6). If and when gas leaks, immediately ventilate without touching the refrigerator and the plug. · Explosion of gas may cause fire and a burn. Dispose refrigerator after door or door's packing is removed, if disposition is required. · It is dangerous for child to enter the refrigerator for play-in with door closed. 3 CAUTION FOR SAFETY CAUTION Do not store too much foodstuffs therein. · Opening of the door may cause pouring over which may inflict a wound. Do not store narrow and lengthy bottles or foods in a small multi-purpose room. · It may hurt you when refrigerator door is opened and closed resulting in falling stuff down. If the hole of the power plug socket is loose, do not insert the power plug. · It may cause electric shock and fire. Do not put bottles or kinds of glass in the freezing room. · Freezing of the contents may inflict a wound. Do not store articles on the product. · Opening or closing of the door may cause throwing down which may inflict a wound. Do not pluck out the power cord by pulling the portion of it. · Damage of the cord portion may cause fire and electric shock. Do not let a child be hung down from the door. · Injury may occurs, when the product falls down or a finger is jammed in the door. Do not store pharmaceutical products, scientific materials, etc. , in the refrigerator. · Storing the uncovered dried foods such as dried cuttle fish, anchovy, laver and other dried fish. · Storing foods packed with the smelling package such as vinyl. 10 HOW TO USE REFRIGERATING ROOM Temperature controller in refrigerating room (HIGH-LOW) 1 3 2 4 6 5 TYPE A (X-Flow System) TYPE B (Multi Flow System) TYPE C (Multi Flow System+Wire Shelf) Freqrent opening of refrigerator door may produce dew inside of the unit. REFERENCE 11 HOW TO CONTROL TEMPERATURE IN REFRIGERATING ROOM HIGH: When storing much quantity of foods to be refrigerated or not being cold enough. · Adjust the temperature controller in refrigerating room to the "HIGH" position. HIGH to LOW: When using in average. · Adjust the temperature controller in refrigerating room between "HIGH" and "LOW" position. LOW: When the food refrigerated are frozen, or the foods are in a small quantity. · Adjust the temperature controller in refrigerating room to the "LOW" position. In case surrounding temperature is less than 5°C, the temperature should be lower than REFERENCE average to prevent the stored foods against getting frozen. 12 HOW TO STORE FOODS FOR REFRIGERATION 1 High-humidity special room · Store the foods which are just ready for cooking such as meat, fish and raw fish, and are slightly frozen. 2 Shelf of refrigerating room · Store the side dishes contained in storage vessels and other storage foods at suitable intervals. 3 Egg tray · Store eggs. · Egg tray may be used as a multipurpose room only by removing the egg tray. 4 Guard variety · Store the small-packed storage foods like butter, milk, yogurt etc. and beverages. milk Butter Butter milk 5 Jumbo Guard bottle · store beer, 1L milk, juice in the lower part, and 1. 5L or 2. 0L vessel or water bottle in the upper part. 6 High-humidity vegetable room · The rail style high-humidity vegetable box is a cased indirect cooling system to reach the foods with cold. So that origin moisture is maintained for a ling time. Upper part Lower part 13 HOW TO DISASSEMBLE ACCESSORIES 2 1 3 4 6 5 1 Shelf of High humidity special room · Lift upward the special room cover, and push the right side(No. · While removing the special room shelf toward arrow, lift it upward at the hanging point for removal. · Lift slightly the front part of special room shelf, and insert roller between rails, then push it. ) of special room as direction of arrow, and pull the right hanging part(No. [. . . ] · Does sun shine on the unit, or are there heat sources near by?· Is there the back of the unit too near to the wall? The foods in the refrigerator are frozen · s the temperature control in front operating part "HIGH"?· Did you put the watery foods into the cold inside? There are unusual noises · Check if the unit is installed on a firm or weak floor. · Sound of "ticking" may be heard from the unit's inside, but it is not out of order. [. . . ]


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