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[. . . ] Ensure that tubing of the refrigerant circuit is not damaged prior to proper disposal. 3 en S Only customer service may change the power cord and carry out any other repairs. Improper installations and repairs may put the user at considerable risk. S Bottles which contain a high percentage of alcohol must be sealed and stored in an upright position. S People who have limited physical, sensory or mental abilities or inadequate knowledge must not use this appliance unless they are supervised or given meticulous instructions. S Bottled or canned drinks (especially carbonated beverages) must NEVER be stored in the freezer compartment. [. . . ] The installation location should neither be exposed to direct sunlight nor near a heat source, e. g. If installation next to a heat source is unavoidable, use a suitable insulating plate or observe the following minimum distances to a heat source: 3 cm to electric or gas cookers. After installing the appliance, wait at least 1 hour until the appliance starts up. During transportation the oil in the compressor may have flowed into the refrigeration system. Before switching on the appliance for the first time, clean the interior of the appliance (see chapter Cleaning). Connect the appliance only to 220 240 V/50 Hz alternating current via a correctly installed earthed socket. If the appliance is to be operated in a non European country, check on the rating plate whether the indicated voltage and current type correspond to the values of your mains supply. The rating plate is situated in the bottom left hand side of the appliance. Warning Never connect the appliance to electronic energy saver plugs or to power inverters which convert the direct current to 230 V alternating current (e. g. solar equipment, power supplies on ships). ! 7 en Switching on the appliance Fig. The temperature display light flashes until the required temperature has been reached. Only food which is subsequently prepared (cooked or fried) may be refrozen. storage period. Fast freezing Food should be frozen solid as quickly as possible in order to retain vitamins, nutritional value, appearance and flavour. To prevent an undesirable temperature rise when placing fresh food in the freezer compartment, switch on fast freeze several hours beforehand. Note Fast freeze" may also slightly increase refrigeration of the refrigerator compart ment. 12 en Switching off and disconnecting the appliance Switching off the appliance Press the main switch Fig. Refrigerating unit and interior light switch off. Defrosting Freezer section The freezer compartment does not defrost automatically. A layer of hoarfrost in the freezer compartment will impair refrigeration of the frozen food and increase power consumption. Put the frozen food back in the freezer compartment. Disconnecting the appliance If the appliance is not to be used for a prolonged period: 1. Leave the appliance door open. 13 en Defrosting aids You can accelerate the defrosting process by placing a pan of hot water in the freezer compartment. Never use electrical appliances or naked flames to defrost the freezer compart ment, e. g. Caution when using defrosting sprays: S Defrosting sprays may form explosive gases. S Defrosting sprays may contain solvents or propellants which attack plastic. [. . . ] (The freezer compartment is too warm) Appliance door opened frequently. You could damage the refrigerant tubing or the plastic surface. 16 en Fault There is a thick layer of frost in the freezer compartment. The temperature in the refrigerator compartment is too cold. Possible cause Remedial action Defrosting the freezer compartment (see Defrosting). Always ensure that the freezer compartment door is closed properly. The condensation outlet is blocked. [. . . ]


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