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[. . . ] 37 20 Safety instructions en ( Safety instructions sno i t cur t sn i y t e f aS Risk of electric shock Improper installations and repairs may put the user at considerable risk. – If the power cord is damaged: Immediately disconnect appliance from the power supply. – Have the appliance repaired by the manufacturer, customer service or a similarly qualified person only. The manufacturer guarantees that these parts satisfy the safety requirements. [. . . ] The socket must be freely accessible even after the appliance has been installed. 26 Installation and connection en * Getting to know your appliance Fold out the last page with the diagrams. H P X* ` h )" )** )2 Controls Lighting Extendable shelf Vegetable container with humidity control Rating plate Butter and cheese compartment Storage compartment Vario Tray for large bottles You can store tall items (e. Cans or bottles): ■ Take out the front part of the shelf and push under the rear part. You can remove the container: Pull out the container all the way, lift at the front and remove. ' You can remove the storage compartment: ■ Lift up storage compartment and remove. ( You can store large bottles in the lower storage compartment: ■ Push storage compartment to the right or left. ) ■ Switching off and disconnecting the appliance Switching off the appliance ■ Press the % button. Disconnecting the appliance If you do not use the appliance for a prolonged period: 1. When you open and close the door: The bottle holder prevents the bottles from overturning. Setting the temperature Recommended temperature Refrigerator compartment: Refrigerator compartment +4 °C 1 Operating the appliance ecna i l p a eh t gn i t arepO ■ Keep pressing the button </> until the display indicates the required temperature. ~ "Setting the temperature" on page 28 Operating tips ■ ■ After the appliance has been switched on, it may take several hours until the set temperature has been reached. Do not put in any food until the selected temperature has been reached. Freezer compartment The temperature in the refrigerator compartment will affect the temperature in the freezer compartment. Change the temperature in the refrigerator compartment in order to change the temperature in the freezer compartment. Temperatures which are set higher in the refrigerator compartment will increase temperatures in the freezer compartment. 28 Alarm en Sticker OK (not all models) You can use sticker OK to check whether the temperature in the refrigerator compartment reaches +4 °C or lower. This allows fresh fruit and vegetables to be stored twice as long as with conventional storage. The air humidity in the vegetable container can be set according to the type and amount of products to be stored: ■ Mainly fruit as well as for a large load – set lower air humidity ■ Mainly vegetables as well as for a mixed load or small load – set higher air humidity Notes Fruit sensitive to cold (e. Aubergines, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes and potatoes) should be stored outside the refrigerator at temperatures of approx. +8 °C – +12 °C for optimum preservation of quality and flavour. – Condensation may form in the vegetable container depending on the food and quantity stored. [. . . ] Clean the appliance with a soft cloth, lukewarm water and a little pH-neutral washing-up liquid. The rinsing water must not run into the light or through the drainage hole into the evaporation area. Check whether the formation of odours is still occurring after 24 hours. 34 Lighting en 9 Lighting gn i t hg i L Your appliance features a maintenance-free LED light. [. . . ]


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