User manual BOSCH KSW 38940/01 & KSW38940,MV

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[. . . ] 15 en S Only customer service may change the power cord and carry out any other repairs. Improper installations and repairs may put the user at considerable risk. Children in the household S Keep children away from packaging and its parts. S If the appliance features a lock, keep the key out of the reach of children. [. . . ] Keep pressing the lower button until the required temperature is displayed. Note: The refrigerator compartment temperature can be set from +5 ºC to +22 ºC. The lower area of the cabinet cannot be set warmer than the upper area. temperature display Set temperature is displayed: Briefly press the upper button - The upper temperature is displayed. Note: The temperature display features an integrated filter which simulates the current bottle temperature. Therefore, the display may not respond to brief changes in the air temperature. 17 en Installing the appliance Note ambient temperature and Install the appliance in a dry, well ventilated room. The installation location ventilation should neither be exposed to direct sunlight nor near a heat source, e. If installation next to a heat source is unavoidable, use a suitable insulating plate or observe the following minimum distances to a heat source: 3 cm to an electric cooker. It specifies the ambient temperatures at which the appliance may be operated. For this reason pull up the spacers provided on the appliance's rear panel for the optimum distance to the wall Fig. Note: If bottles are placed the other way round, good air circulation is no longer possible. S The indicated number of bottles may vary depending on the shape and size of the bottles. S To maintain a good air circulation in the appliance, the bottles must not touch the rear panel of the refrigerator compartment. Practical tips for storing wine S Unpack bottles of wine ć do not leave in crates or cardboard boxes ć before storing in the refrigerator compartment. S The open bottle shelves are especially suitable because they do not interrupt the air circulation. As a result, the atmospheric humidity which condenses on the bottles quickly dries again. S Before the wine is drunk, it should be “warmed up” (chambré): Place e. Sparkling wine and Champagne should be cooled in the refrigerator shortly before drinking. S Remember that wine should always be cooled slightly lower than the ideal serving temperature, as its temperature increases by 1 to 2 °C as soon as it is poured into a glass!Usable capacity Information on the usable capacity can be found inside your appliance on the rating plate. 21 en Drinking temperatures The correct serving temperature is crucial for the taste and therefore your enjoyment of the wine. [. . . ] Adjust the threaded feet or place something underneath to bring the appliance level. The appliance is crowded Please leave clearance between the appliance and surrounding furniture or appliances. Please check that the removable parts are correctly in position and reinsert if necessary. The containers are touching Place the bottles or containers a little apart. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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