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[. . . ] Otherwise the efficiency of the appliance cannot be guaranteed. 5 Caring for the environment Disposal of the packing material The transport and protective packing has been selected from materials which are environmentally friendly for disposal, and can normally be recycled. are disposed of safely and kept out of the reach of babies and young children. Rather than just throwing these materials away, please ensure that they are recycled. Disposal of your old appliance Please ensure that the appliance presents no danger to children while being stored for disposal. It should be unplugged or disconnected from the mains electricity supply by a competent person. [. . . ] Switching off dynamic cooling The appliance uses slightly more energy and is a little noisier when the dynamic cooling function is switched on. The indicator light will go out. Air filtering with the active charcoal filter The active charcoal filters achieve optimum air quality by filtering the incoming air. Fresh air from the outside enters the appliance via the active charcoal filters. The dynamic cooling system then distributes the air evenly throughout the cabinet. Filtering the incoming air through the active charcoal filters ensures that all the air entering the appliance is fresh and free from dust and smells. Replace the active charcoal filters with new ones once a year (see "Cleaning and care"). These are available from your dealer or the Miele Spare Parts Department. ^ Press the relevant constant humidity button. Even if dynamic cooling has not been switched on, the fans in the appliance will come on automatically when the cooling system switches on to ensure your wine is kept in the optimum climate. The fans switch off automatically when the door is open. 15 Interior lighting The interior lighting can be switched on to display your wine to its best effect when the door is shut. Each temperature zone has its own light, so that all three zones are lit up. The use of LED lighting avoids any damage to the wine due to heat or UV light. Switching on the interior lighting ^ Press one of the two temperature buttons. The display then lights up constantly, The alarm system is now fully active once more. Door alarm If the door has been left open for more than approx. 60 seconds the alarm will sound. 19 Defrosting Condensate and frost can build up on the back wall of the appliance whilst it is in use. The condensate is drained away via a channel and drain hole into an evaporation system at the back of the appliance. Ensure that the condensate channel and drain hole are never blocked so that condensate can flow away without hindrance. 20 Cleaning and care Before cleaning Never use cleaning agents containing abrasive substances such as sand, soda, acids or chemical solvents. "Non-abrasive" cleaning agents are also unsuitable as they can cause matt areas to appear. Stainless steel surfaces can be treated using a conditioning agent for stainless steel such as Neoblank (available for the Miele UK Spare Parts Department). Make sure that no water can penetrate into the electronic unit or into the lighting. Do not let water get into the drainage channel and drain hole when cleaning. Steam could reach the electrical components and cause a short circuit. It contains information which is required in the event of a service call. shelves, for cleaning. Cleaning the outer casing, the door, the interior and accessories Use warm water with a little washing up liquid. [. . . ] ^ Carefully push the appliance into position. Location The appliance should be installed in a dry, well-ventilated room. It should not be installed where it is exposed to direct sunlight or directly adjacent to a heat-producing appliance such as an oven or a radiator. The higher the ambient temperature of the room, the more energy the appliance requires to operate. Climate range The climate range of the appliance is stated on the data plate inside the appliance. Climate range SN N ST T Ambient room temperature +10°C to +32°C +16°C to +32°C +18°C to +38°C +18°C to +43°C Aligning the appliance ^ To align the appliance adjust the feet using the spanner supplied. This appliance can operate in a wider room temperature range than indicated by the climate range. [. . . ]


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