User manual BOSCH ERGOMIXX MFQ36300D

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Manual abstract: user guide BOSCH ERGOMIXX MFQ36300D

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Appliances can be used by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and if they understand the hazards involved. Connect and operate the appliance only in accordance with the specifications on the rating plate. Do not use the appliance if the power cord and/or appliance are damaged. Before replacing accessories or additional parts, which move during operation, switch off the appliance and disconnect from the power supply. [. . . ] Note: Always switch off the base unit before taking it out of the blended food. Before using the appliance for the first time, clean base unit and tools. Do not attach or remove tools until the appliance is at a standstill – when switched off, the appliance continues running briefly. Protect long hair or loose items of clothing to prevent them from becoming caught in the rotating tools. Base unit with tools An especially good result is achieved if the tools are used for the following applications: Stirrers for … . Sauces, egg whites, milk froth, cream, mayonnaise, whipped cream and light dough, e. Stiff mixtures such as short pastry, yeast dough and potato dough as well as for mixing heavy mincemeat dough, pasta or bread dough. ρ  Insert the required tool pair into the apertures and press on the tools until they engage. Note the shape of the plastic parts on the tools to avoid mixing up the tools (Fig. Attention: Do not press the ejector button until the tools are at a standstill. The ejector button cannot be actuated unless the switch is in the 0/off position. cleaning Important information The appliance requires no maintenance. Thorough cleaning protects the appliance from damage and keeps it functional. Never immerse the base unit in liquids and do not clean in the dishwasher. ρ Clean the tools in the dishwasher or with a brush under running water. Red cabbage, the plastic parts will become discoloured by a red film which can be removed with a few drops of cooking oil. Short pastry Basic recipe 125 g butter (room temperature) 100–125 g sugar 1 egg 1 pinch of salt A little lemon peel or vanilla sugar 250 g flour Baking powder if required  Mix all ingredients with the kneading hook for approx. Maximum quantity: 2 x basic recipe Recipes Whipped cream 100 g–500 g  Whip cream with the stirrer for ½ to 5 minutes at setting 5 (depending on the quantity and properties of the cream). Egg white 1 to 5 egg whites  Using the stirrer, beat egg whites for 2 to 5 minutes at setting 5. Base for fruit flan Basic recipe 2 eggs 125 g sugar 125 g ground hazelnuts 50 g breadcrumbs  Beat eggs and sugar for 3 to 4 minutes at setting 5 until frothy. ρ Switch appliance to setting 1, add hazelnuts and breadcrumbs and process for ½ minute with the stirrer. maximum quantity: 2 x basic recipe Sponge mixture Basic recipe 2 eggs 2–3 tbs. [. . . ] 34 35 36 36 37 38 38 For din egen sikkerhet Les nøye igjennom denne veiledningen før bruk, for å få viktige sikkerhets- og betjeningshenvisninger for dette apparatet. Dersom det ikke blir tatt hensyn til anvisningene for riktig bruk av apparatet, utelukker det produsentens ansvar for skader som oppstår på grunn av dette. Dette apparatet er beregnet for bearbeiding av vanlige husholdningsmengder i husholdningen eller for husholdningspreget, ikke industrielt bruk. Håndmikseren er kun egnet for røring av deig eller flytende mat eller for pisking av fløte. [. . . ]


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