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[. . . ] 10 - 11 WATER TREATMENT FILTER CARTRIDGES Filter cartridges are available (not included with drink ing water filter system) from Sears to remove sedi ments, tastes and odors, tastes, odors and chemical contaminants, and tastes, odors and lead. Following is a list of filter cartridges available at the time of this printing. 42-34362 (5 micron): Sediment cartridges remove sand, silt, clay, dirt, and other sediments from water. The 25 mi cron cartridge filters larger sediments from water, and allows higher flows at less pressure drop. [. . . ] insert nut tubing WATER IN mounting screw (2) ¦ Filter I ¤ ¤ Filter II Note: Be sure to allow a minimum space of 1­1/2" under the system for removing the sumps, to change the cartridges. 4 INSTALLATION STEPS STEP 1 - WATER SUPPLY SADDLE VALVE Check and comply with local plumbing codes before you install a cold water supply fitting. The special selftapping (into copper) saddle valve included installs as follows. Locate the valve on the cold water pipe to the kitchen sink, as shown in FIG. Note: This valve has a cutting pin and it will pierce a hole in copper tubing or plastic pipe. If installing on iron pipe, you have to drill a 1/8" hole for the piercing pin (read danger note below). DANGER (IF DRILLING METAL PIPE): To protect yourself from serious injury or fatal shock, use a battery powered hand drill only to make the hole. Be sure to turn off water to the pipe and to drain water from it before drilling. Note: If the sink faucet is a single lever, mixing type, also close the shutoff valve on the hot water side. (If you drilled the hole, turn the pierc ing pin out enough to align with it. ) clamp B 4. Place clamp A and B around the pipe and secure in place with 2 screws. Tighten both screws evenly, but do not overtighten and crush the pipe. Slide the small rubber washer and electronic indicator base onto the faucet stud. Turn on and tighten the hex nut, but do not overtighten and break the base. tubing adaptor compression nut faucet support É É washer compression nut button (use in step 2G) INSTALLATION STEPS STEP 4 - MAKE TUBING CONNECTIONS 1. Allowing some slack, measure and cut a length of 3/8" tubing to connect between the tubing adaptor, at the supply saddle valve, and the filter system inlet, FIG. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to connect tubing between the filter system outlet and the adaptor on the bottom of the faucet stud, FIG. 1. STEP 5 - BATTERY PACK INSTALLATION AND CONNECTION, DELUXE MODEL ONLY 1. The battery pack attaches to most surfaces with a `` sticky-back'' Velcro strip. 2. Then, remove the paper backing on the Velcro strip and secure in place. Fasten the electronic base leadwire connector and battery pack connector together. Turn to page 9 and follow all steps under ``Filter Cartridge Replacement''. STEP 6 - FILTER CARTRIDGE INSTALLATION 7 USING THE SYSTEM The sink or countertop faucet vends the filtered water when opened. You can also keep the faucet open by pushing upward on the lever and lock ing it against the faucet spout. See step 11, page 9. 8 FILTER CARTRIDGE REPLACEMENT CAUTION: Never remove sumps with water pres sure in the filter system. Press the vent valve on the top of the head to relieve pressure in the system, FIG. [. . . ] Removing the batteries, or momentarily dis connecting the leadwires, resets the 6 month electronic base timer. Taste and Odor Cartridges: A taste and odor car tridge contains activated carbon, a black powder. When new, open the filtered water faucet and allow fine, harmless carbon particles to purge from the car tridge. Close the faucet when you no longer see the ``fines'' in the filtered water. 9 REPAIR PARTS Kenmore Undersink Drinking Water Filter System, Model No. [. . . ]


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