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[. . . ] DO NOT use on HOT water, microbiologically unsafe water, or on water of unknown quality. Installation must comply with all state and local laws and regulations. Maximum Water Pressure Maximum Water Temperture Maximum Flow rate Average Filter Cartridge Life Average Battery Life Filters. (see product data sheet) 125psi 100_F 1/2 gal/min 4 months or 250 gallons 1 year . . tastes, odors, and lead 2 INSTALL THE BATTERY Using a wide bladed screwdriver, or a dime, pry the top off of the filter cap at the slotted opening. [. . . ] 1, with the (+) side of the battery facing inward toward the center of the cap, and against the protruding metal blade. If installed backwards, the electronic indicator (see page 6) will not work. 3 A, B and C, on page 4, determine which arrangement of adaptor(s), collar and gasket(s) fits the threads on your faucet. FIG. 2 outside threads on faucet inside threads on faucet aerators included chrome adaptor 3 ÇÇÇÇ ÇÇÇÇ continued Note: The adaptors included will fit most faucets. If the thread on your faucet is different, get the adaptor you need from your local hardware store or plumbing supply house. The adaptor you buy must have 55/64" - 27 UNS threads on one side to fit the included chrome adaptor. as needed to fit your faucet 55/64 ­ 27 UNS threads CONNECT THE FILTER TO A FAUCET 3. 3 GASKETS (actual sizes) A 55/64­27 UNS external gasket, 13/16" dia. SINK FAUCET b collar 3/4" dia. gasket, 15/16" dia. adaptor, threaded end down B 13/16" dia. 15/16­27 UNS internal gasket, 7/8" dia. (2 required on some faucets) gasket, 15/16" dia. SINK FAUCET collar adaptor, threaded end up 7/8" dia. C 13/16­27 UNS internal SINK FAUCET gasket, 3/4" dia. 4, page 5, fasten the faucet filter to the adaptor(s) installed in step 3. You can also turn the filter so the control is to the left, or position as otherwise desired. It is time to replace the filter cartridge. FILTER CARTRIDGE STATUS B NEW' AFTER ABOUT' 1 MONTH AFTER ABOUT' 2 MONTHS AFTER ABOUT' 3 MONTHS AFTER ABOUT' 4 MONTHS FILTER OK ­­ ­­ ­­ ­­ FILTER OK ­­ ­­ ­­ FILTER OK ­­ ­­ FILTER OK ­­ FILTER CHANGE REPLACING THE FILTER CARTRIDGE The replaceable filter cartridge provides high quality filtered water for about 4 months. If the water supply to your house is poor quality, the cartridge may not last that long. Always replace the cartridge when the electronic indicator first begins to flash FILTER CHANGE, or if you notice the return of bad taste and/or odor in the filtered water. Holding the water filter base with 1 hand, turn (counterclockwise ) the filter cap off. 6 REPLACING THE FILTER CARTRIDGE (cont. ) 3. Remove the new filter cartridge from the package and set into place in the filter base. Using a wide blade screwdriver, or a dime, carefully pry the top off of the filter cap (FIG. Remove the battery, wipe clean, then replace it in the cap again to reset the 4 month filter life timekeeper. Be sure to install with the (+) side of the bat tery facing inward toward the center of the cap, and against the protrud ing metal blade, as shown in FIG. Note: FILTER OK and 4 bar segments should show in the electronic indicator. New batteries are available from Sears, and many other retail stores, Eveready #2032. [. . . ] PURGE FILTER CARTRIDGE: With the cold water faucet on, open the water diverter control on the filter, to route water through the filter car tridge. Allow water to run through the filter for about 1/2 minute to purge small, harmless carbon par ticles from the cartridge. The filtered water is now ready to use. cap filter cartridge base o­ring seal water diverter control (closed) TROUBLESHOOTING CHECK LIST Filtered water has bad taste and/or odor. Electronic indicator flashing ``filter change'' ­ The filter cartridge needs replacing. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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