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[. . . ] This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary from state to state. Sears, Roebuck and Co. , D/817 WA, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 If you want your water softener professionally installed, talk to your Sears Salesman. He will arrange for a prompt, quality installation by Sears Authorized Installers. SEARS INSTALLATION POLICY All installation labor arranged by Sears shall be performed in a neat, workmanlike manner in accordance with generally accepted trade practic es. [. . . ] Be sure the softener is in service cycle (no water pressure at nozzle and venturi), then turn off the cap from the nozzle and venturi housing. Lubricate the o ring seal with silicone grease or Vaseline and place in position. IRON FROM THE RESIN BED Your water softener takes hardness minerals (calcium and magnesium) out of the water. Also, it can control some clear water" iron0see maximum allowed in the specifications on page 21. With clear water iron, water from a faucet is clear when first put into a glass. After 15 to 30 minutes, the water begins to cloud or turn rust colored. A water softener WILL NOT remove any iron which makes the water cloudy or rusty as it comes from the faucet (called red water iron). To take red water iron out of water, or over the maximum of clear FIG. 13 screen (1­EP) *INSTALL WITH NUMBERED SIDE UP CONCAVE SIDE DOWN. water iron, an iron filter or other equipment is needed. Your local Sears store has trained people to help you with iron water problems. If your water supply has clear water iron, even though less than the maximum allowed, regular resin bed cleaning is needed. Leaking faucet or toilet valve A small leak will waste hundreds of gallons of water in a few days. Fix all plumbing leaks and always fully close faucets. 17 SECTION 4 4A. OTHER THINGS TO KNOW HOW TO "FINE-TUNE" YOUR SOFTENER TO SET THE TIMER FOR DAYS OF REGENERATION AND FILL MINUTES, DO THE FOLLOWING. NOTE: Remember, the timer is factory set for Monday, Wednesday and Saturday regenerations starting at 2:00 AM. Press the RECHARGE TIME button once to display the factory set regeneration days and starting time (flashing). Other wise go to step c. It is not hard to fine tune your softener, but it does take a few minutes of your time to do it right. You may save up to 500 pounds or more of salt each year with proper tuning. To have soft water all the time, the softener must regenerate, or recharge a certain number of times in each 7 day period. The grains per gallon (GPG) hardness of your water supply listed on your water analysis report (see page 2 in your Installation Manual, or page 2 of this manual). NOTE: If your water supply contains iron, compensate for it by adding to the water hardness number. For example, assume your water is 15 gpg hard and contains 2 ppm iron. In this example, you would use 25 for your hardness number. 2 ppm iron x 5 = 10 (times) 15 gpg hardness +10 25 HARDNESS NUMBER FIG. [. . . ] The valve motor rotates the rotor and disc and the valve cam until the position switch lever drops to open the motor circuit and position the valve in FILL. As the rotor and disc rotates, the port opens for SOFT water fill through the venturi. Fill flow continues to the brine valve, and into the salt storage tank. Soft water is still available to the house lines. 28 SECTION 5 SERVICE TECH. [. . . ]


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