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BOSCH SMI 40D02EU/06 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Download the complete user guide (1274 Ko)

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Manual abstract: user guide BOSCH SMI 40D02EU/06INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Next to this symbol you receive additional information and practical tips on using the appliance. Tips and instructions for the economical and environmentally conscious use of the appliance are marked with a clover leaf. In the event of a malfunction, these operating instructions contain information on how to rectify faults yourself, see "What to do, when. . . " section. If these instructions are insufficient, please contact your nearest customer service centre. [. . . ] In this case adjust the water softener on level 1 without using salt. Filling with special salt Caution!The packaging of dishwasher salt and detergents are often very similar. The accidental filling of the salt compartment with detergent would ruin the water softener. Each time you add salt, make sure the carton you have in your hand really is salt. Only use salt specifically designed for use in dishwashers. All other types of salt not specifically designed for use in a dishwasher, especially table salt, will damage the water softener. Only fill with salt just before starting one of the complete washing programmes (not the "Rinse and hold" programme). This will prevent any grains of salt or salty water, which may have been spilled, remaining on the bottom of the machine for any period of time, which may cause corrosion. 11 To fill: 1. Pour 1 litre of water inside the container (this is necessary only before filling with salt for the first time). Using the funnel provided, pour in the salt until the container is full. Do not worry if water overflows from the unit when filling with salt, this is quite normal. Replace the cap making sure that there is no trace of salt on the screw thread or on the gasket. This programme does not require detergent B C On/Off Rinse and Hold On/Off special programme washing a full load * This is aand crockery (exceptfor quick that you may re-useof lightly soiled dishes, glasses pots) so them promptly. 20 Approximate values * Cycle description Cold prewash Main wash up to 65°C 2 cold rinses 1 hot rinse Drying Main wash up to 65°C 1 cold rinse 1 hot rinse 1 cold rinse (to avoid food scraps from sticking to the dishes). Programme duration in minutes Energy consumption in kWh Water consumption in litres 95 ÷ 105 1. 5 24 47 ÷ 57 1. 4 19 6 0. 1 10 times and consumption values a guide, and depend * Thethe pressure and temperature ofare intended as also by the variations on the water and of the power supply. 21 Operating instructions 1. Check the filters Ensure they are clean and properly positioned (see "Maintenance and cleaning"). 2. Pull the lower basket out and arrange the saucepans, plates and cutlery in it. Pull the upper basket out and arrange the plates, saucers, glasses and cups etc. Add the detergent Add the required amount of detergent into the dispenser according to the dosage instructions from the manufacturer of your brand. Set the programme Close the dishwasher door Turn the programme selector dial clockwise until the letter of the programme you wish to select corresponds with the programme marker on the control panel. 22 7. The On/Off indicator light will come on and the machine will start. 8. At the end of the washing programme At the end of the washing programme the machine stops automatically. The On/Off indicator light remains on until the On/Off push button is depressed. Wait a few minutes before removing the dishes; in this way they will be cooler and drying will be improved. Empty the lower basket first and then upper one; this will avoid water dripping from the upper basket the dishes in the lower one. Caution! [. . . ] Simply unscrew the two rear retaining screws, move the top to the required position and then retighten the screws. IN26 Fitting under a counter (kitchen worktop or sink) By removing the machine's worktop, you can install it under a close fitting sink unit or a pre-existing top, providing the dimensions of the recess correspond to those shown in the picture. Proceed as follows: - Remove the machine's worktop by unscrewing the two rear retaining screws, pull from the front and slide out the rear slots, lifting the worktop. - Insert the machine after adjusting height and levelling with the adjustable feet. When inserting the machine, ensure that the water inlet and drain hoses are not kinked or squashed. 570 - 600 600 IN05 Levelling Good levelling is essential for correct closure and sealing of the door. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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