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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] The information marked with this symbol provides additional instructions and practical tips on the use of the appliance. Tips and information about economical and ecological use of the machine are marked with the clover symbol. Should any problems arise, this booklet provides instructions on how to solve them by yourself; see section "Something not working?". If this information is not sufficient, please contact our nearest Service centre (address and telephone numbers are indicated in the enclosed leaflet). Printed on recycled paper. [. . . ] Information on water hardness can be obtained from your local water supply authority. 17 How to wash Load the laundry Open the door. Close the door. Add detergent and additive Pull the drawer out till it stops. If you wish to perform a prewash, pour detergent also into compartment . Pour the fabric softener into compartment without exceeding the "MAX" mark. Close the drawer, pushing it fully in. Select the wash programme and temperature Turn the programme selector dial to the right to the required programme. Turn the temperature selector dial to the required setting. 95º 95º 30º 30º SMI 40D02EU/24º 40º 40º 30º 40º 40º 30º 95º 80º 30º SMI 40D02EU/24º 40º SMI 40D02EU/24º 40º 30º 40º 70º SMI 40D02EU/24º 50º 18 How to wash Select the required option Press the or button if required. Start the programme Press the ON/OFF button: the mains-on light comes on and the programme starts. End of the programme The machine stops automatically. If the anticrease option has been selected, empty out the water before opening the door: - press the anticrease button for a short spin after emptying, or - select the drain programme . Wait two minutes before opening the door to give the safety locking device time to release. Check that the drum is completely empty, by rotating it manually, in order to avoid any garments left in the drum being damaged (shrinking for example) during a subsequent wash, or their colour running into a subsequent load of laundry. Leave the door ajar to let air circulate in the drum. 19 Programme chart Energetic programmes for cottons and linen Maximum load: 4. 5 kg Progr. Cottons Temp. Type of laundry Cycle description Prewash Wash at 30°-95°C 3 rinses Long spin Wash at 30°-95°C 3 rinses Long spin Wash at 40°-SMI 40D02EU/24°C 3 rinses Long spin Wash at 30°-40°C 3 rinses Long spin 4 rinses with additive Long spin 1 rinse with additive Long spin Possible option Whites and coloureds 30°-95° with prewash Cottons 30°-95° Whites and coloureds without prewash Cottons 40°-SMI 40D02EU/24° Daily cycle Cottons 30°-40° Quick wash Cottons Rinses Cottons Rinse with softener Cottons Long spin Empty and long spin The temperatures indicated are the most suitable for each programme and depend on the type of laundry and the degree of soiling. 20 Programme chart Gentle programmes for synthetics, mixed fabrics, delicates, woollens Maximum load: Progr. The drain filter or the Clean the filter or check drain hose are clogged. The "anticrease" Empty out the water by option has been selected. pressing the button again or selecting the drain The machine does not empprogramme. ty and/or does not spin The "spin suppression" Release the button option has been selected. The laundry is not evenly Redistribute the laundry distributed inside the drum. There is water on the floor One of the connectors on the water inlet hose is leaking. Check that the machine has been unpacked as described in the Installation section. Move the machine slightly away from the wall or furniture. The machine vibrates or is noisy The feet have not been adjusted. The machine is in contact with the wall or furniture. 27 Something not working? Problem Possible cause The programme is still running. The unbalance detection device that prevents excessive vibration during spinning and ensures a stable position has cut in. Solution Wait until the end of the programme before opening the door. If the laundry is not evenly distributed inside the drum at the beginning of the spin cycle, the machine detects this and tries to redistribute it more evenly by means of a few drum rotations. [. . . ] Plug the open holes with the plugs provided at the back of the appliance. You are advised to keep all transit devices so that they can be refitted if the machine ever has to be transported again. 34 Installation Positioning Install the machine on a flat hard floor. Make sure that air circulation around the machine is not impeded by carpets, rugs etc. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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